Old abbreviations I think

Hi everyone. I’m going to start on the above pattern soon but I just want to clear up some of the abbreviations. I think it says that it’s a old pattern that hasn’t been updated in a while. So hopefully someone out there is familiar with them.
Y. O . N . Yarn over needle. What is the diff b/t this and Y.O?

Y. R. N. Yarn around needle. W.T.F? I don’t even know what this means? Maybe I should read the pattern and it will make sence?

y.fwd. I mean I know what this translates into but all three of these seem so similar. Can anyone clear this up for me?


They all mean a YO and are british knitting terms. They’re very precise because they’re used for different situations - whether the yo is between 2 k sts (yf), between a k and p or purl and knit (yon) or between 2 p sts (yrn)

All are listed in the Glossary (tab at top). Great resource for abbreviations.


I thought they all sounded the same! Thank you.

That pattern is a nice-looking cap!

I know! i’ve been Googling these caps forever and I couldn’t find one that I liked. I found this one by accident on knittingpatterncentral and was super happy. I don’t know what I think about that little nubby at the top. I may omit that.

Is that a pom-pom that you could just leave off then? What color will you use for yours?

I’m not to sure. I need to go shopping. what color would you use?