Okay, what yarn do you wish you'd never cast on?

For me it’s Lion Brand Microfiber. Splits like crazy and I’m going to frog a shawl I started with it.

LionBrand Homespun. :mad: Yuckarooni!

I agree w/ the homespun…Nikki, that’s good to know about microspun…I was very close to making a shawl with it…I substituted Dreambaby DK by Plymouth Yarns instead…

eyelash yarn :rofling: when I was first learning to knit I bought a bunch of it and I didn’t like knitting with it all… now I know its easier if ya have another yarn with it… I also found LB ribbon yarn annoying not hard to work with just annoying to keep straight… I’ve had problems with Homespun too but my mom’s friend loves it and told me to give it another try I haven’t yet lol…

Most definitely it would have to be Patons’ VooDoo yarn…HORRIBLE stuff to work with…so I returned it :wink:

Don’t know how it knits, but I liked Lion Brand Microspun for crocheting. Even if it split, it just wound itself back into shape.

The finished product of microspun FEELS really good and the colors are pretty, but it doesn’t make up for the “splittiness” of the yarn when you’re working it.

I pretty much hate homespun, as well…

Homespun. I made the back of a sweater, trying different needles thinking it was that that was causing me to hate the project. The colours are sooooo beautiful, and the yarn for me was awful to work with. It didn’t move along any needles easily. Someone wrote a while back that it was hard to get the ends to stay woven. And someone said it was easy to crochet. So the work will be frogged and I will try crocheting it. samm whose lys is so proud that they will be carrying LByarns and the first one they’ve chosen is Homespun. YUCK! :wink:

I second the nomination for eyelash yarn! I can’t see a durned thing in the rats nest it makes! And it’s nigh on impossible to frog.

I was going to say homespun but since that’s been said, I’ll go with Paton’s Allure…it looks so pretty and soft but I just hated knitting with it.

Eyelash, definitely. It’s not ‘me’, for one thing, so I didn’t like working with it for that reason but struggled through a few things as gifts to people who really like them so it was worth it! I agree on the impossible to frog part. Grrrrrr.

Also, I wasn’t crazy about Patons Divine. It was so fuzzy and lots of longish hairs coming off it (the mohair I guess) plus I was using black which made it even more difficult. I told myself I’d never use it again.

Red Heart Super Saver. Yucky! I knit a whole big afghan with it and let me tell you, if you’re looking to cure yourself of knitting with acrylic, knit an afghan with that stuff. So rough and scratchy on my poor hands. :crying:

Debbie Bliss Cathay, 50% cotton, 35% viscose microfibre, 15% silk blend available in 12 shades. Splits like crazy!

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who felt that way about RH SS!! I’ve only been knitting a few months so I don’t know a lot about different yarns, but I will NEVER buy RHSS again (if I can help it). My first project was an afghan for my ds and I let him pick out the color. He chose bright green RH SS and I felt like my fingers would just flake apart. It left my hands so dry and scratched up. :frowning:

I’m really not sure I can pick just one… eyelash yarn of any type…hate that stuff!!! And I don’t like Homespun or RH supersaver either! Other than the eyelash stuff which I’ll give to my niece the others I am forcing myself to make rectangles for the Warm-up America campaign. The pieces are small so I only have to work with the crappy stuff for short stints. :roflhard:

I guess I M wierd
I actually keep picking up the Eyelash and Kiss and Homespun to remind me how to knit right
to losten my Tension, and knit by the feel, not just by looking
its like Typing
you SHOULD be able to do it in the dark
but I get in the habbit of looking all the time
then I go back to the difficult stuff, and get back in practice

A few years ago when the eye last yarns came out I made tons of scarves with it and other yarns mixed in. Now I would NOT touch the stuff. I don’t know what I saw in it in the first place. :oops:

I agree!! I was making a what would have been a really pretty purple scraf and hat but I had to frog it was so hard to work with!

Trendsetter Aura—beautiful yarn, really crappy to work with–although it could have been the combination of using it with DPNs :rollseyes:

I had to persevere with the Patons Divine because it was a last minute Christmas gift (scarf) for my MIL, my dh of course had not thought of anything for his mom for Christmas and it was a last minute scramble. Knitter to the rescue!! :shock:

any kinda lash yarn… everyone says its so easy to work with… i tried to make a chemo cap with it and my brain almost exsploded lol