Okay, maybe I think about knitting/yarn a little too much

Last night before we went to sleep dh asked me about a book I was reading. I fell asleep as I was talking and I said “and then they emailed about some yarn patterns”. I heard myself saying it and then dh started laughing. :oops:

my friend andre and i use to sit on the phone and chat until the weeeee small hours of the morning. (we lived in the same town btw…coulda just sat on each other’s sofas but noooooo that woulda made too much sense.) one day we were chatting and it was about 5am and i heard him finish his sentence with “umm…and sometimes i like to eat daisies” :thinking:

huh? lol. yeah we hung up shortly after that. So i think your knitting dreams seem a LITTLE better… :rofling:

In My best Doris Day Voice…

Please, please don’t eat the daisies,
don’t eat the daisies, please, please


When watching TV or a movie do you catch yourself wondering is that hand knitted? Maybe the actress/actor knits… ohhh wonder if I could make that and then you realize the show is off and have to hit your tivo rewind to catch what that episode was about?? :oo:

I do that all the time, IRL and in the movies. Did anyone else notice the fabulous sweaters Nicole Kidman wore in Bewitched? And nearly all the characters in Must Love Dogs were wearing beautiful woolens. My first thought when Diane Lane jumps in the water was “No! Not the sweater!!”

You so need to add that story to the Addicted to Knit thread…