Okay, I gotta ask

Can someone share what some of the acronyms mean that you all use? For instance…what is LYS? Lazy Younger Sister? Lovely Yarn Sissies? LOL

:roflhard: Those are good! LYS is Local Yarn Shop.

Oh duh! :doh:

Any others I might come across?

dh, dd, ds, etc equals dear (or depending on your mood, any other d word) husband, daughter, son.

MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL–the inlaws

And the usual OMG and the like.

I’m sure others will come up.

UFO = unfinished object
FO= finished object
WIP= work in progress
KIP= knitting in public
SEX= stash enrichment expedition…essentially - going to a knitting store. I don’t see this one used very much here. but I have seen it other places quite a bit.

KIP–knitting in public
FO finished object
dpn-double pointed needle

there’s more here


and here


oh ya…

MC= Main Color yarn
CC= Contrast color yarn

Whoa! Thanks everyone! I think I’ll print all these out till I get used to them. :wink:

No problem, I’m sure we were all clueless in the beginning :slight_smile:

WS = Wrong side of knitted fabric
RS= right side of knitted fabric ( the side that will be shown most when finished)

Let’s not forget WOTA - “Wool of the Andes” yarn from Knitpicks.com. It has become a STAPLE of the KH knitting diet!

oh man… i just found more examples at my other addiction - CRAFTSTER.ORG Its a whole thread of them.


Is THAT why Im so thin… im not getting enough WOTA?


Yeah, I was very clueless when I began last June, can’t say what I thought everyone was saying about their male spouses with those initials :shock:

Boy have I got a lot of memorizing to do. LOL