OK, one more baby sweater

This was for my assistant principal’s baby girl. Here it is with the outfit that goes with at the shower. Again, Creature Comforts is the book. I used a fuzzy yarn for the bunnies. The pink is just Bernat Satin-super soft!!

Another beautiful baby sweater, you have been busy. Great work.

I know-my friends think that’s all I do is knit, night and day. That’s normal, right?

Awwww that is so cute!

That is just adorable and I love the color combo. Great work!

How cute is that and I just love bunnies!!


That’s a great one. You’ve become the master of the baby sweater :thumbsup:

that is so cute – she will love the softness and fuzziness of the bunnies

Very cute!

I love that sweater. I haven’t seen it before. The rabbits are adorable with their 3D features.

It’s in the book, Creature Comforts, by Amy Bahrt. You should see the bear. His muzzle is 3D. There are a lot in the book I haven’t made. I’d like to do the train and the fire trucks. The cows are cute, too. I bought the book used from Amazon. I think it was about $6!!!

Another great sweater! You are on a roll.