Ok lets see

:teehee: without googling this
how many of you know what a vicuna is
i didnt
had to google

I do… but only because my kids had an alphabet board book that had a vicuna for “v”! :slight_smile:

Abbily, I think my kids have that same book!

O.K. I admit it–I’ll have to Google it. Hangs head in shame:verysad:

I did… but only because there was an article about vicuna in Spin Off magazine a couple years ago. It’s very high on my “coveting” list. :teehee:

you guys are good
i thought my husband was kidding me
it was in a crossword puzzle
very pretty animals
and the yarn is super expensive
a mans coat is $15,000.00
believe that
i dont want to knit with it
i would be nervous wreck using it
and at about 95.00 an ounce
i dont think i will

hahahahaa my son had the same book and he’s 30 years old!!! So I knew :slight_smile:

I knew what it was, but only b/c there was a thread about vicuna fiber on here a few months ago. It’s a cousin of the Alpaca but it can be shorn every few years so the fiber is SUPER expensive. I just wanna be in the same room with some… :wink:

I had no idea, but they are sure cute!!

LOL, saw a program on camelids several years ago so even if I didn’t knit I would know what Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas, and guanacos were.

I was actually kind of impressed at the versatility of the llama…a pack animal that also provides high quality wool, is protective of smaller farmyard animals and is edible too? Awesome.

(And so pretty…I want a dozen for Christmas–in white and tan and chocolate and grey and black, plus a spinning wheel…oh, and that Publisher’s Clearinghouse check I’m always in the running for so I can devote my time to the fiberarts!:mrgreen: )