Ok, I'm confused

I’m starting my first felted bag. The pattern is simple, use size 13s and cast on 50 stitches, knit for 46 rounds. But, it seems so small to me. I was thinking because the bag was going to shrink that I would be knitting a bag that looked like a pillow case before felting. Does this pattern sound right??? :??

is the pattern online? or a pic of it?

Only thing I can think of is gauge… are you a tight knitter?
I know I am… so I would probably have to go up a needle size to get the gauge :slight_smile:

It’s the basic purse pattern from the book Felted Knits. Sorry I don’t have a pic of it. If I move up a size in needles, is it still going to felt right?

well generally bigger is better when it comes to felting. do you have enough there that you have knitted so you can see if you are on gauge? sometimes those purses are smaller than we think. i haven’t felted a purse yet that was really big enough to use for everything i want!..let me go check something out…

Since I never felted I can’t say… but I would think it woudl still shrink… I mean the only thing moving up a needle size does is make bigger stiches… I assume… (and I may be talking outta my butt here)… then when you felt that wool it will still shrink :slight_smile:

But one of the felting masters would know better… :slight_smile:

go here …is it one of those they show?

Good Lord… those are tiny… if you look at the relation of the purse to the size of the wood plank… thise are like coin purses :slight_smile:

I’ll shut up now… :lol:

ooh yeah but you don’t wanna go so big that it can’t felt enough either!

i find most felted purse patterns to be tee tiny little things

i like a good sized tote

Fiber Trends has a felted tote pattern that is great - it has three sizes and the large one comes out to be about the size of a big purse/small tote

I’m knitting this tote to felt and it only has 85 cast on stitches and it’s already 21 inches long (pre-felt)! :o I"m using size 9 needles with WOTA. I guess it’ll be nice and big…I just hope it’s not too big! :shock:

I’m making that bag on knitty, that is a messenger bag…I guess because this is like the 3rd time I have made it and ripped it out, I don’t think it will EVER end…but it gives directions of pre-felted and post felted…I think it is like 23 inches wide pre, and 17 post…