Ok I finally did it

I bought me some Malabrigo! I ordered from Webs. It came really quick! I ordered it on Friday and it came today!

I got one hank of Rojo Vivo and one of Purple Mystery.

Any good scarf suggestions? I want to use the purple one for a friend. I thought about making the scruchable scarf, but not sure.

Ok, here’s the picture…

I made a scrunchable with Malabrigo and I love it.

I used two skeins to make a 9 foot 2x2 rib scarf… so 1 skein woul dmake it 4.5 feet.

maybe I should use some of that for my Uncles wristlets
instea of Misy baby alpacal bulky
we shall see


it looks so silky and vibrant - great color choices. i have no clue what to suggest. i would probably just sit and stare at its luster! :rofl:

No petting?


I second Ingrid, the scrunchable looks fantastic with MMMMMMMMMalabrigo! :cheering:

what is scrunchable?

Here is the Scrunchable pattern. It really is the bestest scarf pattern for Mmmmmmmalabrigo–so soft, scrunchy, and lovely! :inlove: