Oh my godddd.. my FINGERS!

I’m knitting for my very first time (well second, but the first time my Nana did most of the work :stuck_out_tongue: ) and my fingers are KILLING ME!! Same with my knuckles from where my hands curl. I don’t own any thimbles, so I’m stuck using duct tape, haha. :frowning:

Don’t push the tips, but hold around the taper on both sides if you have to push. And loosen up a little so the sts aren’t so tight. Also relax the deathgrip on the needles so your hands won’t be curled around them so tight.

i can’t do anything else -but- push the tips, or the needle doesn’t go down. and i don’t have a death grip, it just hurts anyway. :frowning:

Rather than using the right fingertip to push the end of the needle, hold the tapered part between the right index and thumb and push there.

I think if you are knitting for the first time there is probably tension in your hands from concentration. Also new knitters tend to knit very tightly so it’s hard to get the needle in to knit the stitch. Don’t pull the working yarn tight when you knit a stitch. If the stitches are looser you’ll be able to get the needles through w/o pushing the tips.

Once you become more comfortable this will all happen naturally. Practice, practice, practice. :wink:

actually my stitches aren’t tight at all, and if i push with my thumb and finger all my stitches will come off. i can’t do it any other way than push it, and i’m not gripping my needles that tightly, it just hurts

Well, I suppose it could just be that you’re more delicate than everybody else. :slight_smile: Try keeping the stitches (on both needles) towards the point, and pushing the stitch off the left needle with the point of the right needle. That way you shouldn’t have to touch the points at all or keep it to a minimum.

The needle doesn’t have to go down if the stitches are towards the point and if you’re pushing the stitch off with the needle, not your fingers.

I happen to play the violin, so I have very tough callouses on my left fingertips, but even mine have gotten quite sore, being as I’m working with sharp points when I work with mohair, my current favorite yarn. But when they do get sore, I know I’m pushing on the needle tip with my fingertips rather than using the needles.


You may be just working muscles you’ve not used in that way before. I’m sure it’ll work out as you get used to it.

jan, that’s what i thought it was, i really just wanted to complain :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, I know exactly what you’re talking about. I use something called rubber finger pads on my right index finger. They come in different sizes, and all you do is cut a tiny amount off of the end so a little bit of your finger shows. They’re made and are wonderful for shuffling through papers easily, but they’re also great for knitting. I cannot knit without one now. Wonderful cushion for your finger. Here’s the link:
They’re inexpensive too. I haven’t been able to find them at any of the office supply stores lately, so you might have trouble finding them too.

When you’re done knitting, flex your wrist and move in around in a circular fashion. Stretch your arm out and move it around in that position too. It might help to prop your arms up with two pillows- one on each side, especially if you’e knitting for a long time. But honestly, they’re the greatest thing~