Oh, intarsia!

Why didn’t anyone tell me how much fun intarsia is? I was kind of under the impression that it’s a royal pain in the buttcheeks, but I just learned how to do it today and I LOVE IT! For the first few rows, I almost cried because it was really overwhelming. My friend who was knitting with me had to tell me to calm down and relax, because I was really stressing out!! Once I got a little bit of a rhythm and told myself that the little bobbins are just lining up in a row, waiting for their turn, it started to be really enjoyable!!

Granted, it may not be as much fun if you have 20 bobbins tangling on the back of your work, but I am having so much fun with these argyle socks. While it definitely takes away the portability factor of socks, I am getting so excited about how it’s going to look!!! So everyone, don’t be afraid to try intarsia! Even if it seems really hard after the first few rows, just keep focusing on the pattern and it’ll end up fabulous!

What do you think? I obviously haven’t gotten much done yet, but I already love them!!! :inlove: And I thought I was addicted to socks before… this is just getting ridiculous!

Your project looks great! I’m glad to know you liked intarsia! My first intarsia attempt is coming on my list soon. I hope it goes as well as yours did!

WOW Rachel - you are so couragious trying all the different techniques! Socks look great!!! I love argyle :inlove: Intarsia is on my list of things to try - but I promised myself no new projects until I finish what is otn now… :drool:

Amazing! Looks great! :thumbsup:

Wow it looks amazing. My first project way back when i was just learning how to knit when i was thirteen was intarsia and then i didn’t try it again to just now. you are doing a FABU job. i CAN NOT wait to see the finish project.

what pattern are you doing? I love the colors you chose.

It looks PERFECT Rachel!!! :woohoo:

Looks good! now i MUST ask, HOW do you stop the holes from forming between where the colors join? i tried wrapping the yarn around each other with no luck… i’m at that part AGAIN with the HP Weasley sweater for my son…

It looks great!!Now I must learn intarsia.

Oh, that looks wonderful! Good work! I am in the midst of my first color stranding work and I am loving it (once I got past the huh? factor). I am working it flat which means every other row is a purl row. I had a terrible time trying to carry my color purlwise so instead of purling I am knitting back backwards which I find easy and enjoyable - what does that say about my brain? Now you’ve inspired me to try my hand at intarsia!

That is just way too cool!! Your work is beautiful, as always. Love the colors. I’ve been wanting to try intarsia, so now I may have the courage to actually do it. What pattern are you using?

They look fantastic!

I love intarsia and fair isle. It’s almost like cross stitch and knitting combined! Enjoy!

:cheering::cheering: Fantabulous job! I love watching the patterns in intarsia and FI develop.

:shock: WOW, those look awesome. I’m jealous, they look better than mine. Are you knitting them in the round or back and forth with a seam?

Looks wonderful to me!! I envy you having a friend to knit with–that would be awesome itself!:cheering:

It’s back and forth with a seam. I don’t think you can really do intarsia in the round. :frowning:

Your work looks super!

Tell you what, I finished a sweater for my brother with intarsia, oh, back in February or thereabouts…and god help me if it isn’t still sitting in the corner waiting to have all those little ends woven in. There are about a trillion. Made worse by the fact that I had to double strand one of the colors (I kinda knew this was a bad idea, but did it anyway). Your pattern doesn’t look as bad in that respect. Intarsia is fun to do, but not fun to finish unless you love weaving in ends. Or maybe I should just quit whining about it and weave those ends in. Maybe seeing that thing on my brother will make it all seem worth it…

But I’d rather play with my new yarn!!! Lil bro can wait until it is cold out again (like November where he lives!)

They look perfect!

your intarsia really-really encourage me to learn about knit multiple color …
That’s my next project actually…

That looks great!!