Oh Dear I did it again!

I swore a week or so ago to NOT try another hat with that darn Provisional CO that used a crocheted chain with waste yarn.

So…I found this new hat picture I loved. Bought the pattern and downloaded it. It says to do a BASIC WRAP CO…and then mentions a turning row! YIKEs. this sounds like the nightmare I just swore I wouldn’t do again…LOL! :roflhard:

I have the knittinghelp CD. I have books. None specifically call any of those CO’s a “BASIC WRAP CO”. SOOOOOOOO?

DO I do the provisional CO as described on this web site (CD) or shudder try that blasted crocheted chain CO that I hated? Or is there another option? The pattern also suggests using a smaller (size 2 or 4) straight needle in order to get a tighter neater edge. I can’t hardly see what I am doing as it is…going smaller is going to be painful.

Perhaps this will help as far as picking up the CO…but I still need to know what a BASIC WRAP CO is.

I googled the words “basic wrap cast on knitting” and came up with a great link for you! It is actually called a WRAP CAST ON…but the term “Basic” in your pattern is probably just to let you know it is nothing fancy…just the ole basic wrap cast on!

Click hereto view the information you need.

You could also google those words because there were many links in reference to it.

Looking at the pictures, it’s a frontward loop cast on (as opposed to a backward loop).

THANKS all…! I didn’t think about googeling that term since I generally come to the knittinghelp web site first with a question, especially since there is less chance of getting confused with tons of links perhaps unrelated to what I am looking for. :wink:

I don’t know about you…but when I search for things with basic terms…I end up here and there and 2 hours later…I still am not sure…but I have a couple of new projects that I must have. LOL!

I looked at the link and I did find a “backward” loop CO in one of my books…but it said it was it was the most useless of CO’s. haha!

Well back to the needles to finish up my ear flap hat…and on to my NEW pattern and new method of CO. Hopefully it will work…worse that will happen is I learn whether or not I like the results.

Backward loop can be useful if you need a provisional (temporary) cast on to be picked out later, or along an edge that you need to pickup stitches on. But yeah, it’s very loose, hard to work into and can be very loopy, so others are better if you need a firm stable edge. It’s stretchy though, so that could be why the loop CO was recommended in this pattern.