Oh crikey, what on earth does this mean?

Oh please can someone help? I am absolutely stumped at this knitting pattern. It is the neck of a sweater and it goes like this:

Left side
Row 1 (RS) k32 W&T
Row 2 k32
Row 3 k28 W&T
Row 4 k 28
Row 5 k25 W&T
Row 6 k25
Row 7 k22 W&T
Row 8 k18
Row 9 cast off 11 sts (with one st on RH needle rem from cast off) k10
Row 10 k11
Row 11 cast off 10 sts
Next Row K1[k next st by placing RH needle up front of wrap at base of the stitch then through the stitch above knitting the two stitches together: K2] 4 times k to end of row.

My problem is, when I get to the end of row 11 I only have one stitch left. There is no next st or subsequent ones on the left hand needle.

What is the name of your pattern?
How many sts do you start with on the needle?

It is a Stylecraft free pattern from Deramores supposedly easy knit design. Knitted in Bellisima Chunky, the pattern doesn’t have a number. You knit the back and front of the sweater the same. when you get to the neck you have 74 stitches on the needle. The bit I reproduced is the instruction for the left side.
Thank you for asking.

I’m puzzled by this too, especially the cast offs. Can you post a link to the pattern or take a photo of the sweater picture on the pattern? Don’t post the pattern itself due to copyright, just the picture please.

Pattern starts row 1 with K32

It does then a W&T at the end of that row and the next 3 right side rows.

Free pattern

I have been able to find the pattern and it is still free to download. Thankyou so much for any help you can give.

Thanks for the pattern link.
On the row after row 11, you’ll be picking up the wraps from all the earlier short rows. Here’s a video for picking up wraps in case you need it.

(I got hung up on row 8 which is actually k22.)

Thank you, I will give it a try tonight. I really appreciate your help.

My previous post was cut short by a premature posting and try as I might it would not let my save my edit.

Here the rest of my post. Lol


It appears to be in garter stitch working short rows 1 through 8, yes?

Pattern starts row 1 with K32, and are you working short rows?

Row 8 has nine sts holding on each end outside the last turn or W&T respectively?

Wait, even rows do not say turn. So are you continuing from a center point? (I think that unlikely)

I am not getting a good visual of what the fabric should look like.

Row 9: co 11, ( one sts left after cast off and k10 (11 sts worked live)
Row 10: k11
Row 11: CO 10
But there should be 9 (or 18) sts left from the W&T side, no?
The instructions tell how to work the K by picking up the wrap with the next stitch and work them tog (like a fisherman rib or brioche)

Or is my mental image off?

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Thank you so much for replying, I did think your original post was a touch odd lol… The whole problem was that I completely missed that row 12 not numbered was a new row! I was being really challenged on this. Overthinking it. But once Salmonmac responded the penny dropped! I have just completed the neck and am feeling really clever (unfounded). It doesn’t look too bad. In my defense I did knit a whole Gansey in the round a few years ago which was a mammouth task but clearly my skills are very very rusty. This tlittle bit made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.


Go ahead and feel clever! You knew where to ask and got expert help and used it. That’s smart. In my knitting I’ve learned to appreciate the “feeling really clever” moments because it won’t be long until the next thing stumps me. That’s knitting, just like real life. We learn something that might help in the future and move ahead. That’s a cute pattern! My biggest problem is math. Whenever I must use math I always end up consulting someone else. I can screw up anything vaguely resembling math.

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I’ve got better with maths since I started knitting, but I’m still nowhere near mathematician level!