oh crikey this is incomprehensible

I’m on this topic down sweater. I’ve struggled with the way the pattern has been written all the way to be honest. Now I’ve got to the divide and its as clear as mud. K56 for back put next 40 on waste yarn for right sleeve. Co 4sts where? On the St’s I’ve already knitted or after the slip 40? That doesn’t make any sense. Why not say working on the stitches already knitted. I’m about to dump this very expensive project. For example. Elsewherr The pattern says rows 1to 4 then it says repeat rows 1 to 4 9 times. But actually counting the increases you repeat 8 times. Fed up.

This video shows casting on stitches (for the underarm) after moving the sleeve stitches to waste yarn. She uses a backward loop cast on, you can use whatever cast on you prefer. I use a knitted cast on. Also, if you cast on an extra stitch you can knit it together with the last stitch already on the needle when you get back to it to avoid a hole. HTH



Thank you, at the moment I’m even grumpier than you with this pattern. Grrrrrr, I’ll have a look tomorrow when I’m more balanced. Hopefully, praying, you never know.

I think once you understand what’s supposed to happen it will make sense and you’ll get it done with no real problems. There are a lot of videos on dividing for sleeves on top down construction. If this one isn’t helpful I’m sure you should find one that is.

Thank you, I’ve calmed down now. :slight_smile: ill watch the video and have fingers and toes crossed. I’ve knitted in the round before but bottom up.

I love you @GrumpyGramma once I watched the video it made perfect sense. Thank you so much. :heartbeat:


YAY! Life’s good.

Done, love them. Thank you for the fabulous help.


Wow! The frustrations and bleeping paid off. Well done. This is beautiful. You learned a lot I bet.

Your rug is very similar looking to one I have. I like it.

I did and thanks to you. I wish there was a grown up version. Xxx

I’m glad it worked out. The video was the thing that worked I believe. You could do and adult raglan pullover and add the garter stitch. You just need a basic pattern to start with.

Maybe this?

My search results. I found something I need to check out. I’ve been looking for ages and think I found something to use.