Oh bother

I just finished a beret only it doesn’t look quite like one. It doesn’t flop over. It is quite literally a flat beret. Does anyone know why this is? If not,as Winnie the Pooh always says when he is in a jam,oh bother.:knitting: now im gonna try another one,but before i start i just need to know what i did wrong before.
Thanx peoples,

It may be too short, not enough sts increasesd after the headband, or the decs weren’t placed right.

If you can post a picture of it, that would help see what happened.

It might also be the fabric is too tight.

Yep, that’s another thing. If the stitches are too tight (small needle/thick yarn, or tight tension) it’ll be stiff, not floppy.

Does it need to be blocked? It may have to be stretched out in just the right way too.