OH and I finally did finish my dd's cardi

It took me forever to do and its taken me even longer to finally post pics but here it is.

It fits her perfectly, except I made the arms a wee bit too long. I wish I had knit this the next size up since this one isn’t going to fit for long. I am pretty proud of myself too. I’d only done scarves and one toque before trying this.

:happydance: I really love this knitting thing.

It is beautiful.

Beautiful! :cheering:

That is darling! You did a very nice job on it. It looks perfect

That is beautiful! What kind of yarn is that and where did you get that pattern???

It’s lovely! I really like the colorway.

Great job! Nice colors :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

Great job!!

And what a pretty mix of colors in that yarn. That is quite the graduation project from scarves and hats!

mmmm… lovely :slight_smile:


wildforyarn Posted:

That is beautiful! What kind of yarn is that and where did you get that pattern???

Its a Sirdar pattern #4244. I bought it at my LYS and the yarn is Spot On, DK weight from King Cole, 100% Acrylic. I wanted something I could wash easily.

:muah: that is so cute! It’s very nice.

That is so pretty! And, those little orange buttons are adorable!

What an awesome project! You have done a great job.

Oh, that is so precious. I love it!

What a sweet sweater!

Thanks everyone :muah: I already have a sweater lined up for my son. I just want to finish my needle holder I’m knitting, then I promised him I’d start his hoodie …I have to pace myself here and make sure they get the equal amount of kntted FO’s lol…its all about who gets what with my two…

Then I’m doing a booga bag(already have the yarn for that) then I want to do something with my other yarn swap yarn, then I want to do some clogs, then a sweater for hubby then, then, then…well you get the gist :rofl: