I live about a 25 mile drive from the greatest craft store ever. It’s all donated items. While they NEVER have circulars, the have an abundance of donated dpn’s and reglar metal and long metal knitting needles. (I got 2 of my Debbi Bliss books there for 1.00 each!! How cool is that). I go about one time a month. My offer is this If you would like any knitting needles, i will gladly go and purchase them for you, with expectation of reinbursement, in cash or MO please. Price will be rounded up to a even dollar amount. Unless it’s like 2.20 o something, then it’s rounded down of course.

The price for dpn’s and knitting needles is approx 1.00 to 2.00 a pair depending on size. the price for those crochet hooks with the stopper at the end, are 1.50 if I remember, and regular crochet needles is 1.00 I believe.

Though the newer knitters and crocheeters may be iterrested in increasing their collection quite quicky and inexpensively. Again, I only go once a month, you’d have to wait till I go, I can’t afford any spontanious trips right now. Ok? Let me know by replying if you may be interested, I will be going again in 2 -3 weeks.:thumbsup: