Of course my stash does not have what I need!

I’m in the middle of Christmas knitting. Now when I knit gifts I am very specific. I want people to like what I knit for them. So I have them pick out the pattern and the yarn. My brother would like this pattern. My brother who is VERY knitworthy LOVES LOVES the past two sweaters I knit him. Last year I knit his sweater in cashmere. He would like another one but this time in black cashmere. Of course I have cashmere in other colors in my stash but not in black.Or in that weight. So I figure, fine I will do it instead in black wool/silk mix. NOPE not that either. I have over 100 different yarns in my stash NOTHING. So then time to go shopping. STILL CAN’T find BLACK YARN. WHAT??? I just want Black soft luxurious yarn for my knitworthy brother in worsted weight. WAHHHHHHH!!!

Sorry I just needed to complain to people who would understand.

Just to further clarify, my brother was dry cleaning the first sweater I made him, in woolease!!!

Oh boy…I hope knitting with black is easy for you. I find it very hard to do and can only do it in the daytime in bright outdoor light.

Cashmere…wow what a nice brother to be so good to his sweaters!

Yea I don’t have a problem knitting with black. i have more of a problem knitting with multi-colored yarn.

My brother is sooo sweet with how much he loves handknits. He prefers them to store bought stuff. He ripped the sweater of the first one I knit him-the woolease one and got all upset. He brought it with him when he visited so I can fix it. I have no idea what he did. He backward unraveled it. ??? I did not even know you can unravel it from the cast on edge. I have been trying to figure out how to fix it without having to re knit it. He says he feels like he is wrapped in love. :slight_smile:

Ladies he is single so if anyone is in NYC and is in their 20s he is available. :slight_smile: He is fabulous! But then I am his sister so I may be biased.

It is so wonderful to have your handmade gifts loved so much!! Of course it makes you want to make him more! And yes, I’ve been there with you shopping in my own stash and not finding exactly what I need. Very frustrating. Somehow shopping for the right thing seems to replace that frustration with satisfaction though. LOL

Have you looked at Knit Picks, they have some new yarns.

Duh! for some reason I looked every other store but there. Thanks I will check them out.