Oddball Preemie Blankets - Our Blankets were DELIVERED!

Here is the blog for the Preemie Blanket KAL

One of our knitters ([COLOR=#6a2e82]kellyh57[/COLOR]) for the Oddball Baby Blankets has suggested that it would be nice if we made some [U][B]smaller[/B][/U] size baby blankets, using sportweight baby yarn, and size 5 or 6 knitting needles.

We like this idea, so we’re gonna do it! If you want to join, just reply to this thread, or send a private message to Shandeh. :slight_smile:

The blankets will be given to a children’s hospital in North Carolina. :slight_smile:

All the blankets will be made with 100% acrylic, soft sportweight (DK) yarn (washable).

The blankets are started by casting on 80 - 100 stitches with a size US 5 or 6 knitting needle. The first knitter will knit 3 to 6 rows, then continue knitting with the design of their choice for 4 inches (keeping 3 knit stitches at the beginning and end of each row). Then the project will be mailed to the next knitter. There will be 5 knitters for each blanket, so the blanket should measure about 20 inches long when complete.

(Detailed instructions for starting an Oddball Preemie Blanket are posted here: http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79558)

Let’s stick to basic stitch designs for this project, with no holes in the blankets. We don’t want tiny fingers to get stuck in the blankets! So, just knit and purl stitches. No yarn-overs, slipped stitches or cables.

Here are some good stitch designs to use for the blankets:
(Remember to knit the first 3 rows of the blanket, and knit 3 stitches at the beginning and end of each row. Each blanket will end with 3 rows of knit stitches as well.)
Basketweave - cast on 99 stitches
Basketweave II - cast on 96 stitches
Box Stitch - cast on 100 stitches
Checks and Ridges - cast on 100 stitches
Chevron - cast on 103 stitches
Close Checks - cast on 96 stitches
Diagonals - cast on 100 stitches
Diamond Pattern - cast on 97 stitches
Double Basketweave - cast on 101 stitches
Embossed Diamonds - cast on 99 stitches
Garter Stitch Steps - cast on 102 stitches
King Charles Brocade - cast on 102 stitches
Large Diamonds - cast on 96 stitches
Little Pyramids - cast on 101 stitches
Moss Panels - cast on 101 stitches
Moss Stitch Parallelograms - cast on 96 stitches
Pique Triangles - cast on 101 stitches
Plain Diamonds - cast on 96 stitches
Purled Ladder - cast on 100 stitches
Rice Stitch - cast on 100 stitches
Single Chevron - cast on 102 stitches
Spaced Checks - cast on 98 stitches
Triangle Ribs - cast on 102 stitches
Triangles - cast on 96 stitches
Windmill - cast on 102 stitches
Woven Stitch - cast on 100 stitches

Here are some good yarns to choose from for the blankets:
Red Heart Soft Baby
TLC Baby
Baby Bee Sweet Delight (from Hobby Lobby)
Bernat Softee Baby
Lion Microspun
Caron Simply Soft Baby
Bernat Satin Sport


Please sign me up, but put me nearer the end of the first blanket. I’ll be done with school by the end of the month, but I have a really hectic four weeks ahead of me.

Thank you! :muah:

Well, gee isn’t that nice to see my idea come to be a real thing! Of course I’m going to participate :slight_smile: Of course, I wasn’t nearly as well thought out as you are though. You are so good at this stuff!


Thanks Nathalie! :hug:

Our first blanket will be called “Citrus Punch”, and will be made with yellow, orange, and green yarns. :wink:

Listen to ya! :wink:

I’ve been doing projects like this for so long, that I already had the framework in my head. I just had to fine-tune it for this project. :slight_smile:

Thanks for joining your project! :teehee:

Me me me… put me at the end… that way I can finish it up and add it the hospital delivery. I’ll take pics and post before taking and at the hospital.

I love the idea of citrus!!!:cheering: :happydance:

me too, me too:hug:

You know where to find me :slight_smile: I’m happy to help!


Hi Sandy,
I’d be delighted to help. Thanks for all of the great info!

Add me too…

Please add me to your list Sandy x

Can we make a Preemie Button for our signature? We might draw more people in that way too.

I’d love to do some DK weight ones! Please add me! :cheering:

I’ll try this one as well…
Karen G
in GA

Thank you all for joining! It looks like we have enough knitters to make a few blankets already! :woohoo:

Sounds like a good idea. I can make simple buttons, but nothing as spectacular as our current “Oddball Baby Blanket” button. I wish I could remember who made that one for us. :think:

Here’s the little button I made for the knit along. Hopefully, it will be suitable.

Here’s the link to the button:

Oh, it’s so cute! Thanks for the speedy response! Man, oh man, are you good!

Alright, I’ve gotten a plan for us so far. :thumbsup:

We have enough to start 3 blankets!! (one in England)
:cheering: :muah: :cheering:
[B][U]Citrus Punch[/U][/B] (yellow, orange, green)
[B][U]Sunny Meadow[/U][/B] (blue, green, yellow, and flower colors)
[B][U]Angel Hugs[/U][/B] (pastels)
Pauline Maddocks
(need 1 or 2 more knitters in UK)

That is just AWESOME!!!