Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


I took my daughter to the knitting group at church last night, thinking that she might enjoy working on charity projects, and she really enjoyed it. She didn’t get much done and I think we have to frog and reknit the portion she worked on, but there were others to help her (besides impatient me) and I think it helped her.

She is excited to go back and even took a skein of yarn from their stash to work on before the next time she goes back. (She was working with an afghan square and wants to try a knit-flat infant bootie.) She is 8 years old and was surprised that there were no teenagers there – that’s what she pictured when I warned her that the other knitters would be older than her LOL – but she said it she didn’t mind.

I worked on Frozen and couldn’t tell you how far along it is now. I kept getting distracted and in the end just shoved it into my bag when we left. (We stayed 20 minutes later than I had planned!)


What a wonderful place to knit and learn to knit. Nice to have a group that gets together like that with a charity in mind.


I finished [B]Frozen [/B]last night (don’t have a picture yet but will get one this week.)

Any interest in starting a new one? :knitting:


I have some Camo yarn to start a new one but… I’m trying to finish a blanket for my sister’s step grand-daughter who turned 3 a month ago. And now I’m re-doing my floors in my house so my craft room and all my knitting stuff (except for the blanket) is stuffed into my garage (in a very unorganized mess! It will take me weeks to move it back in in some organized way). But, as soon as I have time, I’ll start Camo (I’ve actually started - I’ve done 2 whole rows :slight_smile: But I’ll get back to it one of these days soon! I’ll let you know when!


I’ll be happy to join in on the new snuggle.
Wow, kdodge, re-doing the floors is so wonderful when it’s over. We redid most of the floors upstairs 2 years ago. If I’d realized haw beautiful they would look, I have done them much sooner. Good luck with the project.



I’m dropping it off a Adopt a Pet later this morning.


Thanks so much for the photo. Frozen looks wonderful and it’s fun to think that all that frozen weather is pretty much behind us. I home.


Looks great!!


Wow, very nice!