Oddball Pet Snuggles -- Part 2


Just an update… I do have Frozen and have started working on it. Haven’t finished yet but just wanted everyone to know it is in progress.


Thanks for the update, Kari! :thumbsup:

Is the is only blanket being tracked right now? Who is keeping track? LOL


  1. Mary Ann/salmonmac
  2. Susan/susauehl
  3. Kari/kdodge8 [I]<-- Currently Knitting[/I]
  4. Katie/sakura-panda

I think [B]College Years[/B] is MIA. :pout:


As far as I know Frozen is the only one out there (and with me right now). I can start a new blanket when I finish Frozen to have another one going around.


Kari did you have College Years last and donate it? :slight_smile: Just wondering. I went back as far as I could and thought you were the last knitter, but I could be wrong. Thanks for the update on Frozen.


I never received College Years. I didn’t get confirmation that it was actually mailed but if it was, it must have gotten lost in the mail. I sent a couple of messages checking on it but didn’t get a reply.


Oh well, maybe I will start another one soon. :slight_smile:


Checking in … How is everyone doing? :waving:


Hey! I’m good… I still have Frozen… I am almost done and should have it ready to go by this weekend. Sorry it has taken so long. I’ve got about 4 knitting projects going and work a little bit on each one every night. I might just finish all 4 of them pretty soon :slight_smile:

I hope everybody has been staying warm! I’m in Texas where today it is supposed to be 80 (record high). Cools off tomorrow though and gets to the 40-50’s, which is normal for us this time of year. I’m loving yesterday and today though! Is anybody in the Northeast getting hammered with snow?


It’s super cold here in Michigan – today’s high might get to 32 degF after being single digits this morning – but we haven’t had any snow for a few days. I think it all passed south of us, thank goodness.

I’ve been crocheting a couple of infinity scarves. My mom said she wanted one and I thought it would be fun to make one. The first one – a practice one – she said was too big, so I gave it to my daughter. That one was made with three skeins of chunky yarn, so I’m making one with the same pattern out of the same yarn, but in worsted weight, with a proportionally smaller hook.

I’m also working on crocheting a pad to put on the top of the table that I put my purse on, to protect it. I am knitting a log cabin afghan – am at a part that is about 118 stitches and hard to stick with for more than a row or two – and I am about halfway through a garter stitch scrubbie that I started about six months ago (am through about 13 out of 18 rows. I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to just finish it.) Looking forward to mixing it up with a snuggle!


Hang on to those things that were “practice”. My first scarf ended up being a very wide one (chunky yarn and too many stitches cast on for the size of yarn/needles). Two years later, I finished it off by sewing the two ends together and my daughter can wrap it around her next twice and it is one of her favorite scarves/cowls to wear!


All is well here in Idaho. Just cold and foggy. Suppose to clear out this weekend! I have been making scarfs for the local VA. I donate them in October. So I like to start early then don’t feel so rushed in October. Also working on a cardigan for my granddaughter who is 20 months old! Lots of projects started that need to finish!:hug: :happydance:


Sounds like everyone is busy with lots of good projects. I’m working away on one adult sweater, a baby sweater and a hat. We’re in deepest, coldest winter here but have just escaped a major snowstorm. Hope everyone else is safe and warm.


Just checking in – is everyone staying warm? :hug:

The kids had three days off of school these past due weeks (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) because of the wind chill. There were rumors that they might be off today too, but fortunately :teehee: they went back.

I finished the second infinity scarf for my mom, and as usual when I make something for her, I didn’t take a picture of it. LOL I actually thought she wouldn’t take it, but she loved it as soon as she saw it and ran off with it.

It was the same pattern as my practice one, but with lighter weight of the same yarn, in a brighter (by request) color and a few extra stitches to keep the length the same. I also used only two skeins, instead of three, so it is not as bulky. My daughter still loves the big bulky one I made first and apparently still gets a lot of comments on it. She likes to use it as both a hood and a scarf.

I’m thinking about making another one for myself. All of my scarves are in the wash right now and I’m currently without one of my own. (That is, they are all in a basket needing to be washed but I keep forgetting to actually wash them. I keep changing my mind what I’m going to wash them with.)

Since I’m without a scarf of my own, I’m currently wearing the scarf I made for my youngest. He says he doesn’t mind if I wear it. :slight_smile: It’s a bit shorter than I like, but long enough to wrap around my neck, so I guess it’s all right. It is a 2x2 rib pattern made from red Lion Brand Homespun, squishy and warm.

It’s also little itchy – which is why he doesn’t like to wear it – I think because I didn’t pick out ALL of the wood chip pieces stuck to it. (The ones left are really tiny.) I don’t know what he does on the playground that gets so many tiny pieces caught in his scarf! I made similar scarves for my other two kids and they don’t complain about itchiness, which they used to do when their scarves were superwash wool, instead of acrylic.


This doesn’t sound like a good time to have all the scarves in the wash. Today was another shovel snow day for us in Maryland.
Sounds like you’re a busy knitter indeed.


We still have temperatures below zero ourselves. There hasn’t been any new snow for a few days though, which I appreciate. I’m sorry it’s all getting dumped on you. :pout:

It’s supposed to get up into the 20s after this, which sounds like a heat wave! LOL


I feel bad for you guys and all your snow. We haven’t had snow in the valley here in Idaho, just cold days. But tomorrow it warms up a bit. My crocus are already in bloom. Finished my sweater for my granddaughter and going to see her this week. They live in Seattle so we are heading out tomorrow! :grphug:


It’s cheery just to hear about crocus somewhere! Have a great trip, good weather and a wonderful visit in Seattle.


The blooming crocuses made me smile too. :slight_smile:

Have a good trip!


Got [B]Frozen [/B]in the mail last week – it looks great! Thanks, Kari!

My daughter and I were working concessions for the boys basketball tournament at our church last Saturday. We didn’t have a lot of customers, so she was drawing in her sketchbook and I decided to start on the oddball snuggle. I wrapped my tail up with the tail already there, picked up the needles, and then couldn’t remember what to do next! :doh:

First I picked up the wrong end, trying to work the yarn that I’m saving to weave in when I’m done. Then I had to set it all down and try to pick it up again.

I’ve been crocheting for the last three or four months, not doing any knitting, so I picked up the working yarn with my left hand, wrapped it around my finger, and then couldn’t figure out how to get it on the needle. :shock:

Then I rememberd the yarn goes in my right hand. I was able to knit that way for a little while, but whenever my attention drifted a little bit (such as when people walked by), I’d move the yarn to my left hand and get stuck again.

I had tried continental knitting a while ago, but was impatient with how uneven the stitches were compared to how they usually look and gave it up. I will tell you it took me two days to realize that I what I ended up doing for the next two and half rows was continental. :teehee: I thought I was just making it up. And the stitches are still uneven (but not as much) and this is a blanket for the animal shelter, so I think it will both straighten up in the wash and not matter when it’s getting used.

My daughter thought it was funny that I forgot how to knit, even if it was just for a couple of minutes.

Anyway, I’m working on finishing [B]Frozen [/B]now although it will probably be a couple of weeks while I get back up to speed with knitting. Should I put out signups for the next one now or wait another week or so when it gets closer to being ready to go out? Is it too early to ask for a commitment?


Yes, it’s wonderful to try to switch techniques and go from one habitual motion to a remembered one. Sometimes I just find myself saying, "What, you do what? How?"
Glad to hear that Frozen is in progress.
I’ll be happy to sign up whenever you want to post the next snuggle.
Many thanks for the latest report.