Oddball Pet Snuggles - Cotton or Acrylic Yarn


If you need more people to sign up to help, I’ll be glad to. I just need the “rules” for knitting a pet snuggle. I love animals!


Welcome! I’ve sent you a PM with the requirements. They are also in the first post of this thread.

For everybody, here are the snuggles that need knitters:

[B]Collie Cuddle[/B] (unthemed, any color, beginning with taupe and autumn colors):

  1. Katie/sakurapanda
  2. Susan/susanuehl


  1. KristinMei

Currently “in the wild”:

[B]Into The Forest[/B] (unthemed, any color):

  1. Susan/susanuehl
  2. ZoseyPosey <-- Currently knitting
  3. sakura-panda
  4. KristinMei
  5. salmonmac


Into the Forest is on the way to you! It should be there on Saturday.


Thanks for the message. I’ve got a lot of bright red and yellow yarn, so sign me up for something where those colors will work.


I’ll be happy to join either of the blankets that are still in need of knitters too. Thanks for coordinating these projects.


Put me down for whichever blanket you want. I’ve almost finished a pair of gloves as a prize for a friend’s blog contest and I’ll be ready to work on another project. I have way more yarn than anyone ought to be allowed to have.


Got it! Thanks! It’s so pretty. I have a new excuse to go yarn shopping – I don’t have any of the right colors in my stash at the moment. (Well, not any that I’ll admit to having anyway. :teehee: )


Thanks! :thumbsup:

If you want to be added to more than one blanket, let me know, but for the moment I’m adding everyone to the first blanket:

[I]Tentative, order To Be Determined:[/I]

[B]Collie Cuddle[/B] (unthemed, any color, beginning with taupe and autumn colors):

  1. Katie/sakurapanda
  2. Susan/susanuehl
  3. Lizars1735
  4. salmonmac
  5. maryknitwit


  1. KristinMei

[I]Currently “in the wild”:[/I]

[B]Into The Forest[/B] (unthemed, any color):

  1. Susan/susanuehl
  2. ZoseyPosey
  3. sakura-panda <-- Currently knitting
  4. KristinMei
  5. salmonmac

Color isn’t important with any these blankets – the animals aren’t fussy – except to those of us that like to have an excuse to buy a new skein or two. :wink:


Hi Katie,

Whenever you want to send Collie Cuddle, I am ready!



The last person donates to an animal shelter near them, right? I’m looking around for shelters in my area for when the Collie Cuddle blanket finally gets to me. I may end up mailing it to a shelter in Little Rock, but I’ll see what I can find in Conway.

By the way, what yarn is used for Collie Cuddle?


Yes, the last person donates and then starts the next blanket. If you have trouble finding a shelter or would prefer to not donate, let me know. I just threw everyone’s name up in the order they signed up and was waiting to make sure everyone was willing to work on that blanket before I assigned spots.

We are using acrylic yarn on Collie Cuddle, worsted weight, two strands held together. I am planning to start it with one each of Vanna’s Choice and Red Heart Super Saver, if that helps. :slight_smile:

I’m slacking as I now have two blankets and am not working on either. I’m taking a break from knitting (except on these since I can do these pretty quickly) but it seems I went too far because I forgot I’m supposed to be working on them. :oops:

I will get started on them either tonight or tomorrow night and get at least one of them in the mail early next week.


Looking forward to it!


I’m fine with being after susauehl on Collie Cuddle


Have the blankets gone out yet? Huh? Have they? Have they? :knitting:


I’ve knit two rows on one blanket. :oops: This time change has really done me in this year – which is strange because usually it invigorates me! I’ll work on it this weekend and give an update on Monday – hopefully it will be finished by then. Sorry for the delay!


No worries!


I second that. Take your time and enjoy the knitting. No sense letting this become just another chore.


They’re right! No worries! All is well. I have other knitting projects to keep me occupied. Two shawls in the works.


Thanks – you all are so kind and patient! :hug:

I’ve heard it many times before, but last week I heard (again) that sometimes continental knitting is easier for a new knitter who has crocheted in the past. I keep trying to hold the yarn in my left hand (I crocheted when I was young, before I learned to knit) and I haven’t come up with a good way to do that with English knitting. :teehee:

On Saturday, I used the Knitting Help app to teach myself continental knitting and after a 1.5" x 6" swatch I thought I had it figured out; I abandoned my scrap swatch to work on Into the Forest. I found that it was a little more difficult with two strands on sticky and rounded bamboo needles than one strand on slick and pointy Harmony needles. I was happy with my progress though, and figured I just needed more practice.

Then I added the TV. :doh: After about a half dozen rows, I saw that I dropped a couple of consecutive stitches row back; I picked them up and kept going, and then a couple of rows later I found more dropped stitches, a couple of rows back.

I ripped it out to the dropped stitches and switched back to my regular English knit style.

I think that it might have been too soon for me to work with two strands (while watching TV ;)) on a project that I feel like I should be rushing. (I know I don’t need to rush – but you know how you get that feeling and can’t help yourself.)

Overally, I liked the continental knitting much better than my normal English style. I’m just not ready to multi-task with it yet, at least not with multiple strands.

I should have measured it before I went to bed last night – I think I’ve finished about two inches so far. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week. (It seems like I’ve said that before. :blush: )


It’s always an adventure when you teach yourself something new! I agree, a quiet place, if you can find it, would be ideal. You can concentrate on making the stitches and developing muscle memory for the technique.