Oddball Pet Snuggles - Cotton or Acrylic Yarn


Sounds great, Susan! :thumbsup:

Who wants to help out with Spring Break? :knitting:

[B]Spring Break[/B]

  1. Susan/susauehl


Finished Cloud Nine and I think it looks fantastic:

I used Bernat Handicrafter in Meadow and Bernat Cottentot in Sweet Green.

I was going to use the Handicrafter with a white or ecru, but when I went to Michael’s, I couldn’t find any worsted weight solid cotton except for Cottontot and wasn’t sure about the wavy yarn. So I didn’t get any and instead checked my trunk when I got home. What a pleasant surprise to find that I already had several skeins of Cottontot that were a perfect match. :yay:

I will be donating the blanket to Adopt A Pet in Fenton, Michigan.


I received Blueberry Chocolate and went to JoAnn’s to get some yarn for it. I couldn’t find the blue/brown skein in my stash that I was going to use, but found some great yarn at the store. Thank you for the cute notepads and calendar. My dd has already disappeared with one of the mini notebooks.
I’ll take a picture after I finish my section.


I’ll join in on Spring Break! :woot:


Sign me up for Spring Break!


You can sign me up for a spot.

Elizabeth :cheering:


Hi, I am deligently working on Green Pastures, should be complete and delivered in a few days…Would you like me to co another and return to you? Or do you want just the needles back? I was thinking of a some “vibrant” colors to start, with “Dragonfly” in mind…reason being, the ferals out here by me looove to catch (and yes devour dragonflies:shock: …yay not a pretty site, but they must be delish)!!! So just let me know…I will watch for your post!


It would be awesome if you could start a new blanket for us – a dragonfly-inspired blanket sounds very cool! :thumbsup:


Here’s what I have so far for [B]Spring Break[/B]:

[B]Spring Break[/B]

  1. Susan/susauehl
  2. ZoseyPosey
  3. calimama
  4. Elizabeth/bugsyblacklab

Zosey and calimama – are either of you interested in finishing and donating this blanket? I can move you to the end if you are, or leave it as is if you are not. Just askin’. :wink:


I would be happy to take the spot on Spring Break!


I think I’ll stay where I am for now. Maybe on a future snuggle I’ll do the finishing/donating. :slight_smile:


Great! Just let me know when you’re ready! :thumbsup: I’ll have Susan send you the Spring Break snuggle blanket next.

[B]Spring Break[/B]

  1. Susan/susauehl
  2. ZoseyPosey
  3. calimama
  4. Elizabeth/bugsyblacklab
  5. Moonbunny

[B]Moonbunny [/B]-- would you like to finish and donate or would you prefer to be in the middle somewhere? :knitting:


Spring Fever is on its way to Kathleen in Virgina. DC is 0311 2250 0002 4055 9624. My vision for this blanket is anything that reminds you of spring! I think of spring break and water! So both yarns were called ocean.:heart:

Have fun!


Looks great! :thumbsup: Thanks for the update!


I’d be happy to finish & donate if Moonbunny prefers not to. I’d also be happy to start another snuggle if we’re ready at that point…



I have been calling the new blanket I started Spring Fever and forgot it is Spring Break. Oh well all the same!



I don’t mind finishing and donating it to a wonderful shelter that helped my father find a great dog for him and then starting a new Snuggle blanket. Whatever you want me to do is fine with me.


Great - looks like the order for Spring Break is good as-is!


Spring break/fever is here! Time to go yarn shopping…yay! AND the bf can’t complain since it’s for a good cause. :wink:

Thanks for the little notebook and mints, Susan! I love owls. :hug:


Sounds good to me! :thumbsup: