Oddball Orphan Blanket for Charity - For Orphanage in Mexico

Hello my friends! :muah:

As you know, we have been making Oddball Blankets for charity for some time now. I’m working on finishing up a couple of them right now, and they will soon be given to charity. (Oddball Blanket #1 & Oddball Lapghan #1)

We still have four more fullsize blankets and one more lapghan in process. They should be completed in the next few months, and they will also be going to charity.

Since our blankets are almost complete, I have decided to get another one started. This blanket will be made specifically to the size requested by an orphanage in Mexico. I am really looking forward to sending handknit blankets for those children.
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Our first Oddball Orphan Blanket has already been started by our wonderful forum leader, Amy. :slight_smile:

Here’s the beginning of our blanket!

She chose a very interesting stitch design. Just lovely!

I am adding another section of knitting right now, and will be ready to send it out to another knitter in August.

Until then, I’ll be accepting new knitters that want to join the project. We need 14 more people to help make the blanket. (I already have two knitters signed up - pcrihfield & evona.)

When I get enough knitters signed up to participate, I will put the names in order, set up a blog for our photos, and get the blanket in the mail to the next knitter.

As usual, our blanket is being handknit with washable worsted weight yarn, and will remain on the original circular needles throughout the process. When you receive the blanket, just tie on your yarn and start knitting. :slight_smile: Each knitter will have TWO WEEKS to knit their section.

Who wants to join in?

Count me in, please!!!

Please sign me up too!


Thank you both! :hug:

Now, we just need 12 more knitters.

By the way, I will be arranging knitters geographically, so the postage will not be so bad. Let’s keep this blanket within the United States, so we don’t have to deal with international shipping. :thumbsup:

If you have any allergies to pets or tobacco smoke, please let me know, so I can let you be one of the earlier knitters.

Me, please!! :waving:

count me in, I had fun working on lapghan #2 :slight_smile:

Thank you, ladies! :hug:

Now, we need 10 more knitters!

Sandy, I would like to help with this project please. Becky

Thank you, Becky! :hug:

I’d love to be a part of this!

Wonderful, Holly! :heart:

We still need 8 more knitters for our blanket!

Count me in!

What a beautiful stitch! I have enough on my plate right now, but just wanted to say how pretty that stitch is. The oddball blanket idea is awesome. It is like a stone in the pond, it is never the same, and it’s effect is wide spread.
Thank you for such a wonderful idea that is helping litterally 100’s.


I would like to join in. If you happen to get more “new” knitters to the oddball projects, please allow them to have my spot. I love knitting these projects but I also know what it’s like to do it for the first time!


I would be willing to work on this one too.

Thank you all so much for joining! :slight_smile:

Now, we only need 3 more knitters to have enough to make our Orphan Blanket.

Thank you, snowbear! :muah:

Thanks Danielle! I appreciate that. :thumbsup:

To anyone interested in that stitch I am pretty sure it is the quilted lattice stitch. I just finished using it for the Red Roses baby blanket. Here is a link to a pattern. Enjoy!

i think i would be interested in helping- if i would, i would like to be near the end

Thanks Sarah! I usually arrange knitters geographically, so the postage is easier for everyone. When the blanket gets big, it becomes more expensive to mail.

Also, keep in mind that each knitter has the blanket for about two weeks, and there is travel time involved after each knitter, so the project can sometimes take a year. (Sometimes our blanket gets held up in the mail)

If you want to join in, just send me a private message, with your name and address.

Thanks! :hug:

I’d like to join in on this one, if there’s still room.
I teach ESL, so I have a heart for kids from all nations…
thanks for doing this project.
Karen G
in GA