Oddball KAL/ lefty vs rightys

I wasn’t sure if I should post this question with the charity knitting posts or here so please feel free to move it if I’m in the wrong place. I figured since it’s more about my handedness than charity knitting it’d be better here.

I’m a lefty, I start a new row with my right needle full of stitches & my left one empty- working left to right. I’m assuming righty’s do the opposite. Well I’ve signed up for a few oddball blanket KAL’s & now I’m starting to worry that I won’t be able to get my portions finished because of my goofy handedness. I really cannot knit with my right hand even slightly (as I learned this weekend with my inability to complete a SSK because it was basically right handed work). I’ve always thought of myself as fairly ambedextrious but clearly not with fine details like writing & knitting :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any tips for a lefty wanting to do oddballs & not mess them up? I’m a beginner knitter so I don’t know patterns much but am completely open to suggestions. Thanks!


I’m a Lefty knitter also working from the left to the right, been knitting that way for over 35 years. I’ve worked on 2 of the Oddball blankets, signed up for them before I even thought of my being lefty and it being different from others.

The first blanket I worked on I just did the garter stitch and when I was done with my part I re-oriented the stitches for the next knitter. The 2nd blanket I worked on I did the Moss stitch and left it the way I knitted it. Basically letting the next knitter to fix how they wanted the stitches to sit on the needle.

My advice is don’t worry about which hand you knit with and just knit your part, have fun doing it. Use a simple pattern stitch like the garter stitch or stockinette stitch for your first blanket.

You must have you hands full with 3 little girls. I raised one, can’t image trying to handle 3 at once.


There are older threads here on left-handed knitting. A couple of the links that other lefties posted are;

You might be able to get some tips on reversing directions for some of the stitches that give you difficulty.

Since the Oddball blankets are on circular needles I wouldn’t think that it would be a problem. :think:

Being on circs doesn’t seem like it would be as much of a problem as being on straight needles. You just slide the end with the yarn tail to the needle point and put it in whichever hand you usually do. Do the needles go along with the blankets or are they put on scrap yarn?

The needles go along with them… honestly if you can do it I don’t see a problem if you make the stitches end up like they normally would and even that would really be for new knitters. If you sent it just the way you knit would the stitches be with the leading leg in the back? Is that the difference? If it is then check with then next knitter or whoever is leading your region and see if you need to switch them… for more experienced knitters the stitches being backwards wouldn’t be a problem, they’d be able to “correct” it as they go.

I don’t think the stitch orientation would be different, just that when she ends a row, it would be in her left hand, just like for right handed knitters when they begin a row.

I had a typo! :hair: I meant (and corrected in my post) that it would NOT be a problem.