Oddball Blanket #1 is Complete!

I have an idea for a charity project, and would like to see if anyone is interested in participating.

I am interested in making an “oddball blanket”, where we each knit a few rows, then mail it to the next person, and it continues around the list. Then, when it’s finished, we can give it to charity.

We would cast on about 300 stitches to start, then knit every row until it’s a big rectangle. We could use any washable worsted weight yarn we have in our stash. The only thing we would be paying for is the postage to mail it to the next person.

It could be mailed to me at the end, and I would weave in all the ends and add a border. I would present it to charity, along with photos and stories of all of us that were involved in making it.

What do you think?

Sounds like fun to me!

With something that big I think it would make the most sense to just leave a dedicated needle in it. What do you think? :thinking:

That does sound like fun!

I guess a dedicated needle would provide consistency, whereas slightly different sizes could produce some interesting texture and waviness…depends on what you want the outcome to be.

It could be like a Flat Stanley, where you have a picture or story about each place it visits! :happydance:

It sounds fun and if you get it going I’d be happy to contribute a few rows- But would it all be garter stitch? Or could a few people throw in a basket weave section, or slip stitches, or Feather and fan, or cables?? That would be interesting… But I think the same needle should be used through out.

The one draw back to this is that the postage will increase as it’s passed along so it could be expensive for those at the end of the line to participate. Also do you want it to be a washable blanket?? That really depends on the charity. In the US they want washable usually but foreign countries like afghans for Afghans want natural fibers.

Maybe you should make a poll for what charity…

I’m glad you are all interested. I think a dedicated needle is the way to go. I can start the blanket with an inexpensive circular needle that is easy to use and light for mailing. We can use any stitch we want, and knit as little as 2 rows, or as many as 20 rows, depending on how much yarn and time we have available.

When it comes back to me, I’ll add rows the same color as the beginning to give it a sense of closure, then I’ll put a simple border all around.

Postage shouldn’t be too bad, and I think we would be willing to help each other out in that category if it’s necessary. Just let me know if you’re on a tight budget, and I’ll put your name at the top of the list so your postage will be the lowest of the group.

Newamy, I think we could stick with washable yarn for this blanket. Then we can make a natural fiber blanket after we finish this one, for another charity project. I’m all for making LOTS of charity blankets. :thumbsup:

We could go ahead and get started on this one now, and then decide which charity it will go to. We’ll have PLENTY of time to make our decision.

Do any of you disagree with this plan?

i would love to do this!

Cool Melissa! If more Charlotte knitters want to help, we can work on it over the next few weeks, then I’ll mail it out to the next person in line.

I’m in!

Yep, I’m in too.

The other fun thing is that we don’t get to meet or see each other in person, but we can see each other’s knitting.

Yay!!! :cheering: :cheering: This will be FUN! :slight_smile:

I started the blanket last night. I cast on 300 stitches with a variegated acrylic/wool blend yarn, similar to Wool-Ease or Plymouth Encore. It’s called “Classic Worsted”, and is one of the 200 skeins of yarn I received in that huge bag from the yarn lady I met.

I’ve already knit 6 rows, and it looks pretty good. I’m going to knit some more before I pass it on to Lissalue for her added rows. We will also try to get Lestrella and Bear to add a few rows before we mail it out.

I’m thinking that we can have fun with this thing, adding small token gifts for the next person on the list if we want. (Don’t add perishable food items or liquids, because they could soil the blanket.)

I’m also adding a small notebook, so we can each write a little note about ourselves, with a description of the rows we knit. (You can tape small photos inside if you want.) I could give the notebook along with the blanket to the charity we are presenting it to, or if you prefer, I can keep the notebook for our memories. We’ll decide as time goes by. Either way, I will post photos of the pages here when the blanket is complete.

You are welcome to use any design you want, just be sure to end with a row of ALL KNIT STITCHES. That way, it will be easy for beginning knitters to knit their rows. I would hate for someone to get confused by yarn-overs, and end up confused and upset.

We need to try to make the afghan stay even from beginning to end. You should start your knitting session by counting the stitches on the needles to make sure there are 300 before you start. If there are more or less than 300, just do an increase or decrease near the center of the blanket to make it right.

I will already have point protectors on the ends of the needles to keep it safe during shipment, so don’t forget to put them back on when you’re ready to mail it to the next person!

:muah: :heart: :muah:

Can I play??? :happydance:

How will be know who to send it to next? Do you have a list with addresses to pack with the blanket?

Like this sorta…

  1. Shandeh
    123 flower st
    anytown, usa

  2. Jan Lewis
    456 tree st
    anothertown, usa

  3. Hamalee
    789 farm st
    yetanothertown, usa

etc… :teehee: Or if people prefer we can email or pm you for the next person on this list. I know not everyone likes to have their address known to all.

Of COURSE, HamaLee - We can ALL play!!!

Jan, I was thinking about that. I will go ahead and start a spreadsheet, and you can all send me a PM with your mailing addresses.

(I’m guessing that more people will be joining as time goes by, so the list will get longer and longer.)

I will send the blanket to whoever wants it next, then we will decide together who the next knitter will be. I think it will actually be a simple process, because the blanket will only go to one person at a time.

And you’re right Jan. Some people will not want their addresses on a list. So, I’ll just keep the list here and give out the addresses one at a time as needed.

:cheering: Yay!

I know our gears are just beginning to grind on this, but as the list of participants grows we (and by “we” I mean Shandeh :teehee: ) can try to coordinate who’s next to receive based on the blanket’s current location and the closest destination.

For example:
1.Blankie is in North Carolina right now

Hamalee (in Massachusetts)
Jan (in Cali)
FloopyDoopy (in Virginia)

are on the list to receive…regardless of sign up order, it can go to FloopyDoopy next since she’s closest (provided she’s ready for it). That way we cut down on time spent in transit and shipping costs.

Good plan, HamaLee!

I have a feeling that it will end up crossing the continent a few times before it’s finished. Maybe it will even visit another country!

For that reason alone, I guess it’s good that we’re making it with washable yarn. It will probably need a good wash before I give it to charity. :teehee:

Good idea to mail to the next closest person. So you need a list of names first. PM’ing you…

I’m in! I’ll PM you my address later today. Thanks again for coordinating this! :hug: :muah: :heart:

this sounds like fun … can’t wait ( i pm’d you too) whoo hoo my first kal

This is a fantastic idea! I am so in! :hug:

P.S. We need a KAL button!! I’d make it, but I suck at those kinda things. :teehee: