Odd Comfort

In the days creeping up to my wedding, I am having trouble sleeping…

I have found a way to distract myself from most of the thoughts running though my head…TV Theme songs.

I don’t know why…but if I get going on one, then I can start jumping from show to show trying to remember others, and it really helps all the “worrying” thoughts that keep jumping around in my head!

Just thought I would share! smiles

Another “game” I “play” when I can’t sleep is the alphabet game…lol…I try to think of things that start with each letter of the alphabet such as fruits or vegetables that start with each letter of the alphabet, or car makes or bands, etc. The only thing that sucks is sometimes I get so determined to think of something I end up staying awake longer than I probably normally would because I can’t stop thinking about something that starts with a particular letter…lol

hehe im the same i try to distract myself with meaningless things so i can switch off but end up really thinking about the meaningless things.

I’m always song lyrics.

Never thought about the alphabet…I have counted to 1000+ before…trying to get to sleep…and that doesn’t work…for me…

I will have to try the alphabet…seems like I have 7 more sleeps to go…I bet you everyone of them is going to be sleepless!

With # thing - I spell out the numbers in letters.

Commercial jingles work too.

smiles when it comes to commercial jingles, I can never come up with them…

The only one I can remember even right now talking to you is “the best part of waking up, is foldger in your cup”

smiles pretty sad huh…and I was the kid who used to be a walking commercial!

If you are really bored, here’s a cool quiz:


It’s company logos and mascots.


I usually try to relax and imagine that i’m knitting, that just knocks me out in 1 min.

Yes. I don’t go to sleep right away. When I’m really having trouble, first I start with my feet & work my way up my body making a conscious effort to relax each part. Then in my mind I knit. Just simple garter stitch. Stitch by stitch. Move by move. I’m out.

What ever you do be consistent. If you count down count down every time in the same way. This will train your mind. When your mind gets bored enough you will go to sleep. Eventually, you will reach the point where you start your count down, your mind will say to its self, “Not this again” and off to sleep you will go before you reach five.