OCTOBER What'cha Knitting?

Hi everyone! It’s October Show and Tell!

What are you working on? What have you recently finished? Share your knitting, crochetting, spinning, heck, whatever you’re excited about. What’cha been up to?

(Feel free to share in posts outside of this thread too, of course.)

I’ll share what I’m working on in one of the replies below. I want to see how it works to post pics from my phone, which I haven’t tried yet!

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I’ve got a sweater on the needles for myself. Doesn’t look like much yet, but the yolk will be pretty!

My 8 year old and I are working collaboratively on a project we started so long ago I can’t even remember exactly what it is supposed to be. :joy: I’m assuming it’s a hat sized to fit her. Hopefully it will still fit her by the time we’re done!

More UFO’s (unfinished objects) kicking around, but these are the ones getting attention at the moment!


Good idea for a thread, Amy! I’m glad to know you’re still knitting! So Erin can knit, too?

I’m not complaining (!) but the late but amazing arrival of summer here in South East England put the brakes on my knitting. Nights are now drawing in and we lit a fire for the first time the night before last, so if I get a move on my grandson will get his sweater (started in spring) just before he grows out of it :dizzy_face:

Ha…kids grow so fast you have to knit fast! I think we basically have 10 mos of summer with a few months of cool nights and days. Ridiculous. :wink:

I’ve just finished a pair of Santa mittens for my grandson. Quick pattern knit in Caron’s Simply Soft. The pattern is on Ravelry:

Be fun to see the finished sweater for you and the joint hat project, Amy!


@Jan_in_CA Oh yes, well you know I’ve always been a seasonal knitter. Once the wood stove or fireplace gets lit, it beckons me like a siren call. I can’t resist knitting this time of year! I could never be a production knitter, that’s for sure, as I completely loose the knitting bug once the weather warms up. @gramercy, sounds like I’m in good company! Good thing we don’t live in California like Jan or it would take multiple years for that kid’s sweater! Hope you get some cool knitting weather, for that sweater’s sake. :joy:

Oh my, those sure are adorable, @salmonmac. Thanks for posting the pattern link, too. Mittens are such a fun, quick gift knit.

Oh yeah, Jan, Erin’s been knitting since 3 1/2. But seriously, like one row per year. Last year she clocked a few rows in one sitting. When the time is right, I figure she’ll get into it!

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Here is the first mitten. Our grandson loves bright colours. Question…i have to sew it up. My seams always appear bumpy. I have looked at you tube videos but mine never come out nice. Spoils it. Any suggestions?

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I love the mitten and especially the color! Well done.
I like mattress stitch, not pulled too tightly but just enough to close up the seam.

That’s a beautiful mitten! I’m sure your grandson will love them!

Mattress stitch is almost invisible. You could also knit them in the round next time. Amy (forum owner) has a mitten video for all sizes if you’re interested. http://shop.knittinghelp.com/instant-watch/premium-video-classic-mittens-in-all-sizes/

Thanks so much Mod Squad! I will try it.

I have 5 projects on the go at the moment :confused: there’s more I want to start but I’m being hard on myself and making sure I finish them before starting any others.

So I have my first fair isle project going; a hat for myself.

An owl phone case, a present for a friend. It’s almost done just need to do the little details and then make up.

An Elsa from frozen doll for my Goddaughter. She’s finished… but her clothes haven’t been starred yet.

A really boring scarf; another present… It looks good but it just seems never ending.

And finally I have finished a crochet hat as a present for someone but I want to crochet some flowers to add to it. Just to give it that extra touch.

Hopefully by the end of October these 5 will be well and truly finished and ill be started on another set of projected

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I certainly hope we get a peek at these projects. They sound like lots of fun.

I’ll post some pictures when I get chance :slight_smile:
I’m still not the neatest knitter… I need more practice; but I’m working on that. I just wish I had more time.

That sounds like an inspired list of projects! Don’t worry, there’s no neat contest on this forum. As long as it brings you joy! We love seeing what folks are up to.

This is where the term UFO (unfinished object) came from! I have you beat…I honestly don’t know how many I have, but I’d guess 12 maybe?And I’m not even sure where they all are. Some of them I have abandoned totally and I need to frog and reclaim the yarn. So you’re doing great!

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I posted this in the What’cha Knitting catergory, but I’ll post here, too. I’ve finished 3 hats this month with stash…for charity. I had fun doing them and it was the first time I’ve made a decent pompom! Yay! Working on another one with some self striping yarn this time and will get a pic of it later. These are made with Plymouth Encore and US 7 circular needles.


Love your hats Jan :slight_smile:

I do have a few things I’ve abandoned. A dress I started knitting for someone who was pregnant (since had the baby and the dress is on stitch holders) and a vest for my son which I think I took on a bit too much too early with the pattern as it just wasn’t quite working. It’s now a very nice cloth for polishing.

Here’s how my hat is coming along though

And this is the scarf; I managed quite a few rows of this last night as we watched a film. I didnt want to be doing anything I had to pay too much attention to


Sounds like your the same as me; I think Im an excitable knitter and I can’t help myself when I see things and think Ooo I could make that and that; I wanna make this… Ooo that’s a nice colour ect

The scarf looks lovely and the hat is amazing. It’s coming along beautifully.
@Jan_in_CA, what was the pompom secret? I am never happy with the way mine turn out.