O/T pandacam and africam

I love checking these cams out.


I’ve got the pandas bookmarked–he’s getting so big, relatively speaking. I now bookmarked the other one. That will be interesting to watch. Thanks for posting it. :smiley:

saw a large warthog or razorback or some pig with tusks i should say and 3 babies at the watering hole. Was pretty cute and saw the last of an elephant walking away, I guess i just missed their drinking or bathing or whatever, i was bummed.

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and am very glad I found it!!! I am from South Africa and now live in the States. Africam is my second home as I miss the wildlife so much!!! There is a chat forum there too.

I have been knitting most of my life and have just started again after about a 4 year break. My friends are keen to learn to knit and I sent them this site as the videos are so helpful when you are learning!!! They are enjoying it very much. :XX:

[color=blue]Welcome! This forum is great… :cheering: as well as all of the informational videos and such! :XX:

southern maine[/color]

I love peeking in the cam , I never noticed there was a chat. Do you find the knitting different in the US than from Africa?

Hi, thanks for the welcome!!! Lol I had never heard of continental knitting until I came to the States. Someone explained it to me and I must have looked like a complete twit!!! :shock: Then, I found this site and watched the video and said OKAY!!! I tried a few stitches but decided I’ve done it the other way all my life so I will remain “non continental” :thumbsup:

On Africam the chat board is called the “Boma” which means “meeting place” in one of the African languages. They recently lost some funding so it isn’t as good as it used to be, i’m just happy to see the animals though. I really enjoy the Panda cam!!

i was watching the panda cam this morning before work and Tia Shan was trying to escape through the bars. he just couldn’t seem to get his head through those bars…poor thing! :wink:

i was actually pretty sure he was gonna succeed and then would be stuck! next thing i knew one of the vets had come and taken him away and i couldn’t watch anymore…NO FAIR!

Hello again!!! I was just watching the elephants - I see they were all born in South Africa in the Kruger Park. I used to work there and I didn’t know that some of the ellies went to San Diego!!! :oops: That’s great!!!

Do you all like the new baby panda’s name?