NYC shops

I’ll be in NYC for a few days next week…what are your favorite yarn shops in the city? Thanks! (it is not my first time visiting so I consider a yarn shop new site seeing…)

Here are two that have cafes:

The Point:

Knit New York:

FYI, I’m not a New Yorker. But, I liked the fact that these two shops are places to sit down and knit without having to pay to take a lesson. Plus, you can eat! :happydance:

Check out Smiley’s Yarns in Woodhaven, Queens. That’s technically in NYC, and it’s reachable from Manhattan by subway. They’ve got a great selection of yarns and their prices are unbeatable. See :thumbsup:

The two I’ve been to (so far!) are the Yarn Company and Knitty City, both on the Upper West Side, which is my old neighborhood. YarnCo is on the second floor and I found it very cramped and crowded (but I was also totally new to knitting and totally overwhelmed…). Knitty City is quite new, I believe, and more open - the people there were friendly and welcoming, I thought.

Sussdown in Soho is new, and Victoise loves it, but I’ve not been there yet. I envy you your trip to NY! My next trip home isn’t until May… :frowning: Have fun!!!

Karen, a homesick New Yorker in Illinois! :wink:

Mailgirl! you’ve GOT to go to Suss down on Lafayette (Soho). It really is extraordinary… esp to see all the designs she has hanging on her racks.
That’s just the most outrageous store, beautifully decorated and her own fantastic yarns. I just got more last week.

Personally (uhoh) I wouldn’t recommend that place on 14th street. Had some bad experiences there. The Yarn Co I was in last week also and while they have a nice selection, you won’t find a bargain. They do have Manos del Uruguary for $12.50 though while other places (like on 14th St) charge $14 or $15. Knitty City is really nice (closed Tues).

If you want an ADVENTURE go down to Seaport Yarns. What a whacko place. Former office and room after room stuffed with yarns, books, sale bins. A very strange place…very knowledgeable owner.

Purl in Soho is a sweet little place too (good pizza places nearby).

The Point is ok esp if you want a cappucino.