NY Mets colors in yarn form?

I have two special people requesting some of my knitting and they are both huge NY Mets fans. Has anyone ever seen blue and orange yarn, or is my best bet the kool aid route? Thanks.

There are lots of orange and blue yarns. Do you mean variegated where they are both in the same skein?

You can try searching here. It lets you choose colors to find yarn or other parameters.

Malabrigo makes a blue and orange yarn… the colorway is Shiney Beach. I got some to make a bears hat/scarf for DH, but… uhh… didn’t. :shifty:

I have looked at every Malabrigo online and see nothing named shiney beach or with the colormix of blue and orange. Help - where did you find yours??!!

I went looking too because i want some bears stuff too! i couldn’t find it either. :verysad:

You know what Mets stands for, right? :twisted:

~A Yankees Fan :teehee:

I don’t, Stine… (but as a Yankee fan I had to see what this thread was about… :teehee: )

[size=1]My Entire Team Sucks.[/size]


:clink: Here’s to another Subway World Series, because those are the best!