Nursing covers?

I am expecting a child in a few months and want to knit a nursing cover up but can’t find any patterns for them… Anyone have any ideas of where to get them?

Nearly any shawl pattern will work, or one for a lacy baby blanket.

Thank you… I figured they would… Just didn’t know if there were any patterns that were more specifically made for nursing covers… You know, not too peek-a-boo but light so it doesn’t make baby sweat. And easy to get on/off… However, I will probably just make a light shawl and try to make it work.

I would consider using cotton as it breates more than other fibers and will absorb any excess moisture.

An all cotton yarn can be heavy unless you knit at a very loose gauge or use a thinner weight like sportweight.

I would not use a heavy cotton yarn but when I was there several years ago my fave coverup was a lightweight cotton recieving blanket. Anything too light, thin or lacy is going to give up privacy in a big way. It all depends on how comfortable you are breastfeeding in public. At home you don’t really need it anyway.

if you make a shawl like that, I would strongly recommend a light cotton or cotton mix. The reason for that is that you want that shawls hygienic and therefore machine washable. Most cottons are.

Do pay some attention to the color - not for the looks but for the skin friendlyness. It will be in touch with sensitive skin on your baby and you.

A washable cotton blend would perfect.

These are a few shawls that if made wide enough would work nicely.

Or a poncho would also work very well if made long enough.

a poncho would be a good idea, or a big bib, so that you have something to go around your neck so the baby can’t pull it off.
Personally I buy (for each of my babies-I’ve had 3, #4 is due in May) 2 yards of material at the fabric store & sew them together, then it’s big enough to throw over 1 shoulder & tuck the other corner under the opposite armpit. I usually get a lightweight cotton & it works great, plus they have 40% off coupons.
You could do thistoo… looks like,

Neat Idea!