Now what should I do? What went wrong? Help!

I am working on this shawl. I just finished half of it, but it doesn’t look like if I made the other half, it will form a shawl. I have duplicated the photo of the finished half, to see how it will look(see link below). It won’t form a triangle; instead, it’ll form a diamond shape. I have checked the gauge and everything it matches the pattern perfect, but the shape didn’t come out expected. What should I do??? Frog the whole thing and make a different shawl?

Suggestions needed.

it says it is made in two triangular sections and then seamed together…when you duplicated, you put it in the right place right? what shape do you currently have?

skNYC - have you tried blocking the living daylights out of it? It looks like you might have bigger triangles than you think.

If I put the left and right pieces together, I’ll get a diamond :waah:

can you take a picture of what you have and show it to us?

eta: woops didn’t see the blog link :doh:

What about if you put the outer top edges that are in the picture together?

The triangle you knitted appears to be a right triangle. To get a larger triangle out of two right triangles you need to set the right angles (90*)side by side. So the side that you have on the far left & far right actually need to be touching. That will create a straight line at the top and then the other sides of the triangles will create the “legs.”

Try blocking it so that it is a true 90* angle and redo your pic to see if that works better. :slight_smile:

Right now it’s a equal sides one - 60* angle for all three of them. Are you saying I can manipulate the shape by blocking it?

Thanks everyone for the input. All suggestions have been tried already. This looks like my last hope.

I’m surprised that they’re all 60*. There’s no way to combine 2 60* angles and get 180* (a straight line). I’d be willing to bet that you can block it to manipulate one angle into being 90*. Since all 3 are measuring the same, you could pick any of the 3 to try, but I’d recommend manipulating the one that the pattern shows along the straight edge. Does that make sense? lol

I’ll give it a shot before I spend all those hours to make the other half and probably end up using them for washing cloth…LOL

Good luck! I hope it works out for ya’. :slight_smile: I’d like to see what it looks like when done blocking.

Now, what’s so bad about a diamond shape?

Can’t we just call it a “shawl collar” shawl, and let the top fold back at the neck a bit?

Would it still be big enough to use as a shawl if you did that?

I agree with you; I am all in for some creativity. However, this shawl is for a friend of mine and I don’t want her to think I screwed up on a pattern and still give it to her :oops: