Now this is one big Zucchini! 10 pounds

Evan couldn’t believe how big this was.Then we had to pick the corn.
The smallest Zucchini is the normal size :teehee:

WOW! :shock:

Great garden! Zucchini are tricky little beasts, aren’t they. :rofl:

Good grief, what do y’all have in the soil up north? :shock:

Have you ever tried making zucchini bread? Good stuff!

:shock: wow what a great garden and wonderful veggies! :notworthy:

That Zuke is thiiisssss big! :hug:
I grew some a couple summers ago and I am shocked by the plants themselves! The leaves and vines are enormous!!! :roflhard:

Good grief, what do y’all have in the soil up north?

Good 'Ol Red River Valley soil right Momwolf? :roflhard:

actually is that really a zucchini? It looks a bit like what we call a Marrow here!

that’s impressive! I can’t wait til the DH and I can start our garden next year. :happydance:

That could feed a family of four for a week!

Can you drop some off on my porch tomorrow? :teehee:

I wonder if that would even taste good.

It’s friggin huge…it’s dwarfing your Evan. Too funny.

I have made Zucchini choclate chip muffins :woot: They are really GOOD.
I just weighed it 10 pounds :roflhard: I don’t think it will be good to eat,just had to let it grow to see how big it would get :roflhard:
And what is a Marrow Mulene? The plants do get huge.I think there is a plant in back of Evan.The leaves are huge too
Wait till you see my pumpkins when there done growing.Just kidding.I grow small to medium so the little kids can carry them around.

WOW. And I thought the ones that got away from me where huge. I lost my zucchini plants to a squash borer this year but I have some bread in the freezer to remember them by.

When my grandma’s get that size we always grate them and freeze it in ziplock bags with 2cups measured into each. That way we can thaw it and use it for zucchini bread and chocolate zucchini cake. :drool:

But even with all of her kids using her zucchini, Grandma always end up leaving a pile of them on the church steps in the hopes someone takes them. :rofl:

A Marrow is… well… its err… a giant zuchinni :roflhard:

My dad used to grow them and make Marrow Wine - never tasted it was always too young. Actually I wonder if there is still some under the floor boards in the house, he used to stash it there!

Whoa :shock: That’s one big zuchinni. And your little guy is SO CUTE! :hug:

Wow, you could hurt somebody with that thing!

Another yummy way to make zucchini is to slice it up (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices), marinate for a few hours it in a little bit of Italian dressing, and then grill it. I love it that way! Or even with just a bit of seasoning salt.

I had a friend who used to joke when they get that big you can throw them on the fire … use them as firewood during the winter. Actually I think he meant it, he grew up with bunches of veggies.


OMG Thanks for sharing the pictures!

hehehe, that sounds yummy! And I happen to making a shopping list right now. This will go on right after the turkey breasts.

I just made up a mess of zucchini relish. It’s the best sweet relish recipe I have ever had. We :heart: it! I have heard Zucchini called Vegetable Marrow (by Hercule Poirot in Agatha Christie books and by my NZ friends).