Now is the time!

Now is the Time!
This country has gone far too long without a true leader. Now is the time to get out and vote. Vote for someone who will better this country…one skein at a time! That’s right knitsters, it’s time to vote for Dolores.

Ask yourself these important questions:
1.) Which candidate will provide real change? More accessible wool in more hand-dyed colors?
2.) Which candidate will stand on a platform of yarn for all, not just some?
3.) Which candidate will fix our economy so that my stash may increase and I can keep more of my stash?
4.) Which candidate cares about my moth issues?
5.) Which candidate will bring peace to all…alpacas, sheep, goats, and bunnies? And bring these fibers together in united blends?

Only one candidate…Dolores. Don’t rely on the polls! Get out there and vote your conscience! Your country needs you. Your stash needs you. Dolores needs you!

Brilliant post and a much needed dose of humor on this day! :muah:

But how does this candidate stand on the Knit versus Purl issue?

Should there be required cables on all knit projects or should the population be limited to only Fair Isles patterns?

We must know how she stands or does she sit while knitting?



More importantly where does she stand on continental knitters rights?


I understood she stood for self determination and those on the continent would have to decide for themselves.


Thanks knitpurlgurl for giving us this much needed humorous and lighthearted post

Personally, I’d rather vote for Maxine.:teehee:

:teehee: I love it!