Now inc one at at same edge of foll 14 alt rows

Help! I am currently on 35 stitches and the pattern reads “now inc one st at same edge of foll 14 alt rows. 49 sts.” i am confused what this means as i thought alt meant alternating and surely this wouldn’t result in 49 stitches. Or maybe i’m just confusing myself …

You’ll be adding 14 stitches to the 35 you already have (one stitch added every alternate row on the same edge, no stitches added on the other edge or rows between), so you will end up with the right amount :wink:

will i be knitting more than 14 rows?

Yes, you’ll do 27 or 28 rows in total - increase every other row, but only once. So that’s 14 increase rows in total, and the other rows in between have no shaping/increases. What is it you’re making?

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i understand now thanks for the clarity! I’m making a cardigan, it’s my first time trying a cardigan so i keep getting stuck :blush:

You’re welcome, and good luck getting it done! I did think it sounded like a sleeve edge lol. Feel free to ask more questions if you get stuck - there are plenty of knowledgeable people here!

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