Now FO! : Leo - Finished 8.20

I’m knitting Leo from Knitty for my dad for christmas.

I’ve got the front and back done and have just started on the sleeves tonight (I’m trying the 2 sleeves at a time method so I make sure they are the same length and increased the same)

I seamed the shoulders together, and then since I wanted to know how it would look, I safety pinned the sides together and took a couple of pics.

It’ll stretch across him more since he’s much larger than I am.

Can’t wait to post the FO. :slight_smile:

Oh, the yarn I’m using is Plymouth Encore DK #403.
The color in the pics isn’t quite right, but close enough. :thumbsup:

That’s a great start! Does he know he will be getting it, or will it be a complete surprise?

Complete surprise.

I showed it to my step mom. She said he’d like it. :pray:

Surprises are fun! Looking very good!

I had never thought of doing 2 sleeves at the same time, but i’m totally going to do it on my sweater!

It’s looking good! Dad is gonna love it!

I love that pattern and have been thining about making it for my dh.

Yours is looking great!!

It’s really simple. Good for “mindless” knitting. :thumbsup:

I am modifying the sleeves a little bit, because if you go by the pattern, there would be a 10 sts of plain knitting on the underside of the sleeves.

I don’t know how well mine will look when it’s all done, though. I’ll make sure to post how it turns out. :smiley:

I can’t wait to see the FO! :thumbsup:

I hope this is ok to ask here…is there a site where I can look up the technique of doing both sleeves at the same time?

:inlove: That’s inspiring! Such great work and what a wonderful gift!

I did a quick google search, but didn’t really come up with anything solid for a tutorial on how to do this.
There’s a good suggestion here. And the first tip here kind of tells you how to do it.

This blog gives how to do two on one circ. (Scroll down to 12.08.05 entry)

Hope that helps! :thumbsup:

Thanks for those links. I love the idea of knitting both sleeves at once – I’m going to have to try it soon!

Looks great :thumbsup:. Can’t wait to see the FO’s.

This site has great pictures of 2 socks on 2N. Sleeves will work the same way. This is a great way to dec. in hats also.

Nice!! :cheering:

Here’s my progress on the sleeves:

I have 5 increases left (highlighted in green). I’m currently at 14.5 inches.

Then just the sleeve caps, seam it all up and toss on a collar. :thumbsup:

I was scared to make this, cuz the pattern lists it as “piquant”. I guess it’s just cuz of the small gauge? :?? It’s not like ribbing is difficult…

I’m happy with how quickly it’s been going. And I’m very glad I’m doing the sleeves together. I probably wouldn’t have ever finished if I wasn’t. :rofling:

Got the sleeves done! :happydance: :happydance:

Now I just have to seam it all up. Hopefully I’ll enjoy seaming this one as much as I did Starsky. :thumbsup:

woohoo!! :happydance: :happydance:

I finished yesterday. But, the sleeve seams had some noticable puckering. Even though it’s machine washable, I thought washing might help even things out, so I washed and dried it (first time using our brand spakin new washer and drier too :thumbsup: ), but they still looked like crap.

So, I took the sleeves off and redid them last night.

And, cuz I’m so proud of how well my seaming went (except for an inch or so when I first started on the other side) here’s a pic of that too. :slight_smile:

It looks too big on my b/f, but my dad’s a bigger guy. So, I’m hoping it’ll fit him.
Oh, and the collar turned out much bigger than the one in the pattern. I have no idea why.
I hope it’s not to big for him. :wall: I used the smallest size.
And still have 5 balls of yarn leftover. What am I going to do with those now? :??

Great job! :cheering: I’m impressed!


You should be proud! It looks great!

You could make a coordinating hat and scarf wtih the leftovers… :thinking:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I already made him a scarf, hat and mitten set in other yarn. :shrug: