Novice Knitter in need of nurturing

Hello everyone, how are you? My name is Dashiell and I am very keen to begin a business selling knitted hoodies and sweaters. I will not be doing the actual knitting of the garments myself but I need to get a better idea of the cost and everything else that is involved in making them. I found this forum and hoped that I might be able to gain some advice from you. My two main questions are:

  1. How much yarn will I need to make a average male/female hoodie?


  1. How long would it take to make them by hand?

I understand that these are very vague questions and that there is no real set answer because they vary so much, but at the moment I really am in the dark and haven’t been able to find much information like this already out there. The garments will most probably be in one colour but some may have (what i believe to be) cable knitted patterns.

Many many thanks

These seem like questions that you would need to ask the person (people) doing the actual knitting. Everyone knits at a different speed. The thickness of the yarn plays into how much is required and also how quickly a garment will knit up.


I remember seeing a post about a formula that involves the cost of the yarn multiplied by something. I know its out there maybe someone else will have it.

You could look at some patterns to see how much yarn they indicate is required.
As far as the time required, it does take time to knit–I know that’s vague, but true.
Best wishes with it!

Just to get an idea, I looked at a pattern for a very basic woman’s cardigan. It needs about 1500 yards for the medium size, in yarn that can be qualified as “heavy worsted”.

As far as time, I saw somewhere a sweater is about 100 000 stitches (that’s probably for a woman’s sweater), so ask your knitter how many stitches/seconds she can do and you’ll get an idea! :teehee:

I just wanted to say I like the name of your thread. It’s cute ! :smiley: :slight_smile: