Novice knitter in need of help

what does k1 [0:0:1:0:0] mean? i know the knit one but what’s the bits in the brackets mean? :??

The numbers in the brackets are for the other sizes. So for the smallest size you would knit 1 and then for the next sizes you would knit 0,0,1,0, or 0.

thanks i’ll have a practice first before i start on the real thing

You could always practice by making a baby sweater in the smallest size. This would teach you all kinds of techniques, and when you finish, you’ll have a baby gift ready for a friend! You could use an inexpensive yarn, so you wouldn’t worry so much about mistakes. And if you are not completely happy with the finished product, you could unravel it, and try again. Small projects are great for learning.

When I start to knit a pattern I choose the size I am going to knit, then put a circle around the size. Then read the first bit of pattern and usually even the cast on numbers of stitches are for each size. The first number relates to the first size, and then count how many spaces you chose from the first number in sizes, and circle, say if you chose the third size in, then you would mark the third number in on the cast on stitches, likewise as you read the pattern and knit, any instruction that appears in the pattern, choose the third one in and circle that. Even if you stop marking the pattern after a while cause you are happy with which size marker to knit, often when I resume knitting, I forget, and can go back to the top of pattern and see what size I am meant to be knitting. Hope this helps. Cheers from Australia:happydance:

Whereas when [I]I [/I]start a pattern, I never have to do that …
<Go on, ask me why …>



Because I always knit the largest size!
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Hello my home town person!

For me it’s easier to make a copy of the pattern and then I can mark it up all I want…sometimes I make different sizes of the same pattern and until I started making copies managed to get myself all messed up with the sizes…now it’s a piece of cake…I can make all the notes I want to and not mess up my original pattern.


I know this is really sad, but what do you mean when you say “sizes”?

Size refers to the actual dimensions of the sweater or other knit piece. This cardigan comes in small, medium, large and extra large for example, with the directions for the 3 last sizes in the parentheses.