Noting 1st row is WS


New to knitting and can’t figure out what that means, exactly. I have searched the web and the forum and have learned what a stitch maker is, how they are used, and how I would switch them from one needle to the next as I worked a pattern. I also now know that WS is wrong side. Despite my new found knowledge; and perhaps I am reading too much into it, I am not sure how I should mark this.

When finished with the first row, the stitches are on the right needle, is that the wrong side? Or, do I finish the row, turn my work so that it is now in my left hand for the wrong side?

Once I know what is the wrong side, do I put the maker into the row or on the needle? I feel like I should put it into the row like when crocheting, but you know what happens when you assume.

Thank you so much for your help!

It’s just telling you that the first row you’ve knit is the ws. You can put a pin or piece of yarn on it to help you keep track. Sometimes patterns do this with garter stitch (knit every row ) since both sides look alike.

So the side that’s facing you when you work the first row is the ws.

The WS is the side that you do not want to show…so it’s the “inside” on a garment like a sweater. If you’re making a project like a scarf or dishcloth when both sides might show then it is probably important to know because of the pattern stitch.

Is this question just something you want to know or does your pattern say WS and RS on it? If it says the first row is WS then finish your row and put a removable marker [I]on the stitches[/I] facing you when they are still on the right needle. When you turn you’d be doing the RS as the second row.

All this depends on your pattern and what you’re making though. What are you making and do you have a link and/or a name of of the pattern?

Also…regarding stitch markers … Most of the time you’ll be putting a ring type marker on the needles, but sometimes you’ll use a locking (removable) marker into the knitting. I use the removable ones that look like a safety pin for marking RS and WS, too. Otherwise I prefer the circular metal ones you find in the beading section of stores like Joanns.