Nother Flip Top mitten question

So I’m knitting the plaid Flip top mitten pattern I got from a Kelly post a while back (where is that link :thinking: ) And the pattern says to CO stiches, do increases for thumb then put 10 stiches on stich holdre for thumb and keep knitting other stiches. Got that. Now it says “Knit the palm half of the stuches in 1x1 rib and cont knitting remaining sts in stockinette for 8 rows.” So it doesn’t say ow many stiches this is or whatever but I can figure it out. BUt then it says “BO the 1x1 ribbing palm sts, on next row CO 14 sts and continue knitting the hand of mitten till it reaches tip of pinky” What I don’t get is if I’m casting off the 1x1 stiches, am I CO stiches that will go ver those rib stiches or will they be more stiches next to the stockinette? I’m having a hard time picturing where those 14 CO are supposed to be. KWIM?

Is that the seam for the flip top? Like you’re creating a gigantic button hole?


Hildie’s right.
You cast on the stitches over the rib stitches you cast off on the previous round, and you’re back to knitting in the round. It does kind of look like a huge button hole that runs across the palm of the hand right near the knuckles.
After you finish the top of the mitten, you go back and pick up stitches from the cast on edge in the middle of the hand, knit a little “flap” of ribbing that covers the “buttonhole” and stitch it down on the sides of the mitten at the ribbing edge.

(I wish Christmas would hurry up and get here, so I could post some pictures!!)

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


OK this makes a lot more sense than what I was picturing (don’t ask) Thanks! :XX: :XX: :XX: