Not understanding the stitches in this pattern!

I am working om this pattern (well, attempting):

Right in the beginning it has you cast on 18 stitches, but doesn’t the first row require more than that? This is probably just me missing some key factor here, but any input would be much appreciated! Thanks!

[B]Cast on 18 sts
Row 1: K11, ssk, yo, k1, yo, p2, yo, k2tog[/B]

No, it looks like 18 exactly!!!

K 11
2 for the ssk
K2tog – all equals 18!!!
Hope this helps!! That cowl looks beautiful! Be sure to post a pic here when it’s finished!!

OH! So I was thinking that when it says YO that I had to knit there. I knew it was a silly problem! Thank you

The yo doesn’t make a stitch until you do it, that creates one where there wasn’t one before.