Not-too-expensive sock yarn

I’ve had my eye on Silver’s sock tutorial for awhile now. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive sock yarn for my first learning pair? I don’t want too spend more than about $10 for my first time, since they may well end up looking like giant, thumb-less oven mitts. :wink:

I haven’t tried it yet (though I’m going to soon) but has some good prices on sock yarn.

Lion Brand has some self striping sock yarn that’s very inexpensive. They should have it at Michael’s, Joann’s and Hancock Fabrics.
Good Luck!! Socks are SOOO much fun. has some of the online sock yarns on sale for as little as $6.50 for 100 gram skein (enough for 1 pair women’s medium). I’m not sure how shipping works out if you are only buying one skein.

Another possibility would be to do a pair of slipper socks or children’s socks.

I have a basic recipe for slipper socks on my web site free patterns, and there are others around the web. I’m sure would have several options also.

These can be done with about any basic worsted weight yarn and on large needles. The ones I have on my site are done with a double strand, size 9 needles and go fast. A quick way to learn how and build confidence.

Mama Bear

I would go with Knit picks essential. I can’t remember how much it is but you can make a pair of socks for under $10. The yarn is nice and soft, and not too splitty.
:shrug:If you want to learn socks and do it the really cheap way, use Silver’s tut, but do the worsted weight version. That way you can use any worsted yarn you have and learn the method before using REAL sock yarn. I did this for a pair of bedsocks for my mom and it worked great:yay:

Another vote for Lion sock yarn here! It’s durable, inexpensive, and a good intermediate gauge as you work your way to socks on smaller needles. I see the striping as a plus, too: makes even stockinette or basic ribbed legs interesting without foiling your concentration on the “learning to knit socks” process.

I like Regia sock yarn. It’s part wool, part nylon, and machine washable. I think it sells for less than $6/skein. 2 skeins make an adult pair and 1 skein would make a child’s pair. You should check out She has free shipping!

My first sock yarn was Plymouth worsted wieght I think it was encore???. It was 6 or 7 dollars. I liked it cause it was self striping, It has some wool in it.

Thank you everyone!

I would also recommend doing a slightly thicker sock for your first one. Otherwise it will feel like it is taking forever. Another vote for Silver’s tutorials!

I used nature’s wool - one skein was plenty on size 4’s. (but my freet are little). They are thick and great with clogs.

If you have a hobby lobby near, you can try some of their baby yarns too.