Not thrilled with

I’m typically a very easygoing person, but am really disappointed with and my order with them.

I placed an order for a specific project I want to make and not only did it take THREE weeks to receive but 2 items I ordered sold out and I never was told that until I saw it on my invoice so now I have to get that other yarn elsewhere or I cannot start the project. To me, it isn’t good business to send an incomplete order without letting the customer know that part of what they ordered isn’t available.

Just my 2c and a heads up to anyone ordering from them!


I’ve not ordered from them yet, but as far as time it takes to receive package, I’m having a bad experience with the post office. I ordered from another company at the beginning of Jan and have not yet received my order. USPS tracking still shows it enroute. The company I ordered from has resent the order and I hope to receive it by Feb.

ive had problems ordering from WEBS too. it took 3 weeks for my yarn! ridiculous! :gah:

I’ve ordered from WEBS two times and I will never order from them again. The first time, it took WAY too long for shipping and I never even received any kind of notice to let me know my order had shipped. I was just waiting and waiting and waiting. The second time, the same thing happened to me as the original poster. The yarn I had ordered was backordered but no one ever thought to let me know. I just sat around for a month and a half waiting for my yarn to come. I finally sent an email and that’s when they told me. Never again.

I’ve been wanting to order some sock yarns from the site but now, hmm… I may need to look elsewhere. :blooby:

I’ve ordered from them once or twice, and I haven’t had a problem.

Guess I just got lucky?

If you order around sale time, there can be a delay in getting your yarn. (I heard that they were particularly slammed during their most recent sale.) That said, I’ve ordered from them 3 or 4 times now, and haven’t had any problems. They’ve actually emailed me a couple of times when something I wanted was out of stock. Both times, they allowed me to substitute another colorway (they also offered to refund my money if I didn’t want another color or yarn).

I’ve had no problems with, or Knit Picks; those are the only two online companies I’ve ordered from and plan to do so again.

If it’s a delay, I’d blame the post office. We had several packages late or MIA over the holidays.

Sorry you’ve gone through all of this,though, hope your next ordering experience is a better one!

Oh no, I just placed an order with them on Saturday. Well, at least I can abandon all hope of seeing a package full of yarn at my front door anytime soon. :verysad:

I’ve always had good service from them. If you do order during one of their sales, they post the disclaimers on their website. Hopefully it was just one of those things!

I just ordered from them during their last sale. I have been really happy with what I got even though one of the yarns I ordered sold out. They sent me an email and let me know what was out of stock and what could not be reordered. I even changed my order and they emailed me back right away with the changes. I received my box last week and it was all there.
Sorry to hear there have been problems but I guess every company has bad times.

Let us hope so!

I’ve ordered from them and received the package in 2 weeks (and i’m abroad!) and they were very helpful and the communication was just fine.

Gasp! How could anyone say anything bad about Webs ( Their store is truly a yarn Mecca. Make sure to go into the back warehouse, otherwise you might just think it is just a bigger than normal yarn store. It is so much more!

Their core business isn’t online orders, and I’ve noticed that they are slow compared to online yarn stores that don’t also have storefronts. The process isn’t very automated, so you don’t get the confirmation of your order, shipping notice, etc the way you normally would. If you haven’t been to the store and don’t “know” them, this can be very unnerving! A little communication goes a long way. Had they communicated w/the OP, she wouldn’t be upset!

You had my hopes up! I thought it was nearby when I saw you were from Boston. It’s not, I will just have to plan some extra time the next time I go to see my parents in CT, they are actually closer to the store than I am.

Lol, just far enough to keep me out of trouble! When I go, it is a huge event, I go with out-of-town visitors (who knit, like my mom) or a gaggle of girlfriends (mixed knitters and some who just like road trips).

I ordered 18 skeins of Tahki Donegal Tweed from them a while back.
I received the first 8 (green), then later, the 10 cream.

They seem to take forever to ship…but, I did receive email notifications about my cream being on backorder.

I liked the huge discount I received for ordering over a certain dollar amount, 25% discount I think it was!


I was billed correctly, and the yarn was received in good shape. But, as I said, it seemed to take forever. Doesn’t it always seem like forever when you are anxious to start a project? Especially if it is for a gift! :wink:

I have to say I’ve never had a problem with them, and I’ve ordered many times. I’m not all that far, so once they tell me the order has been shipped, I can count on a couple of days.