Not sure if I bought enough yarn

I’m new to knitting and right now I’m loom knitting a baby blanket and I just bought some yarn for my project, but I’m second guessing myself…I don’t think I bought enough. I bought 3 skeins which equals 1065 yards. I plan on just doing regular stitches (e-wraping), working with 2 strands as 1. Do you guys think I bought enough to make a baby blanket?

Hi. I looked at www.ravelry.dom for loom knit baby blankets. Maybe one of them will help you figure it out. I expect the yardage for a hand knit blanket would be similar to that for loom knitting but I don’t know how closely they’d compare.

Are you following a pattern, and if so, does it tell you how much yarn you’ll need?

If not, the great thing about a baby blanket is that they come in every size from small to quite large.

However, if you want to guesstimate how large it will be, you can do a search on Ravelry (free to join) for your weight of yarn and the amount of yarn you have. The search criteria is on the left side of your screen.

For example, here’s a search I did for worsted weight yarn for 900-1200 yards of yarn.

Once you’ve narrowed your search this way, you can click on individual projects to see exactly how much yarn was used. Find one that’s close to your amount and check out the size. Of course, there’s nothing scientific about this method, but it should give you a ballpark.

It’s going to depend on your gauge of course but usually about 1000 yds is a good estimate for a baby blanket, a little more for finer yarn, a little less for bulky. If you’re going to hold two stands together then, about 2000yds.