Not sure about this pattern now

I am working on a ribbed cowl. I do not have a picture, as I am using the pattern from a book. Anyway I was to cast on 140 stitches and work the following rib in rounds k2, p2 for 35 rounds. Next comes a decrease round which is {K2, p1, K2tog, skpo,p1, k2, rib 10} 7 times. 126 stitches. I understand what I am to do, but when it says rib 10 does that mean to go back to the K2, P2, 10 times? Because if this is the case, the ribs are off, I will be purling where I was knitting and knitting where I was purling unless you think it is supposed to change now? I would think if they wanted me to rib p2,K2, instead the pattern would have said that. It is a cowl that fits over your shoulders and then turns into a turtleneck, so the decrease is for the turtleneck to start. Am I making myself clear? Thanks for any help.

I would follow the rib pattern as the stitches present themselves – since you have a p2 k2, that’s what I would do – but not 10 times – you will rib over 10 stitches – p2 k2 p2 k2 p2. Doing this:

{K2, p1, K2tog, skpo,p1, k2, rib 10}

seven times gives you the 126 stitches you need after your decreases.

Hope this makes sense!

Oh thank you! I would have ribbed 10 times! I am so bad at reading patterns

When a pattern says to rib X sts' it means to do the ribbing pattern over X sts, not X times. Same thing withpattern X sts’, for a stitch pattern.

Do you also think I should do the ribs as the appear rather than going back to the k2, p2? This has me so confused…sorry to seem so dense!

Definitely keep the rib pattern going, regardless of whether that means starting with the k2 or the p2. :slight_smile:

Since you are continuing the rib pattern as you already established, just continue to knit the knits and purl the purls. P2, K2 is still a rib pattern and your instructions don’t indicate that you change that. Besides, if you look at your pattern before it says rib 10 there is a k2 – then afterwards when you start the progression again, it’s another k2 – so it reads like this:

{K2, p1, K2tog, skpo,p1, [B]k2[/B], rib 10 (p2, k2, p2, k2, p2)} and then when you start again you go back to the k2 at the beginning of the brackets.

Make sense now?

Again, thank you! I learn so much on here!

Sometimes it just takes following the pattern stitch by stitch instead of trying to figure out how it works in your head. Very often, it works itself out.