Not satisfied with shoulder seams

I sewed the sleeves into the armhole of the sweater I just finished and I don’t like how it looks. On one side I picked up the bar inbetween the two stitches but on the other side was the cast off so I picked up the two bars that made up one stitch. The seam looks a little bulky from the outside or that does not describe it right. It is a drop shoulder and there seems to be a little puff where the edges join. If I wash it will this go away? Also, when I seamed up the sleeves I laid the edges together and one side was 1cm longer than the other on both sleeves. How can that happen? It has never happened to me before and the only thing I can think of is that I did KRL on the first inc and KLL on the last inc. I had 27 increases so that might make a difference. I don’t understand how on the KLL you knit into the 2nd row down and the KRL you work the top stitch. If I do a KRL and then knit it, it is only one row down not two. Do any of this make a difference? Is there a better way to sew in the sleeves into the armhole? :wall:

don’t understand how on the KLL you knit into the 2nd row down and the KRL you work the top stitch. If I do a KRL and then knit it, it is only one row down not two.

Because on the KLL, you’ve already knit the stitch on the row you’re on, but for the KRL, you haven’t knit that stitch yet.

As for the puffy look, is that on the sleeves or the body of the sweater?

I avoid sewing sleeves into armholes because it’s a pain. I either do top down (or up) raglans, or yoked sweaters, or pick up and knit the sleeves from the armholes down. And picking up the stitches can have the same puffy problem if you don’t get the stitch number right.


The puff is where the body of the sweater is sewn to the sleeve. I think if I pull it slightly and put wet towels on it, it might lay flat. I have not made a sweater from the top down. Is there many patterns that way? Is it like a fairisle sweater where there is no armhole or shoulder seams to sew? Years ago I made fairisle sweaters and now I just made the argyle sweater. I thought that it might be more comfortable to wear if there was a set in sleeve, but what a pain. Also, I did the body in the round and when I had to sew in the sleeves I could not lay it flat. I am finally finished and I am now going to block it. Thanks for all your help! :muah:

Forgot to say, What do you think happened to my sleeves if it wasn’t the increases. That was so weird that one side was a little shorter than the other. Did that ever happen to you? It does not make any sense, Oh well, it is done anyway. Have a Merry Christmas! :grphug:

There’s lots of yoked patterns - that’s like a fair isle, but they can be made in one color plain or with ribs, patterns or cables in the yoke.

1cm isn’t too much of a difference. That’s something like 1/4 inch or a couple rows?


This can happen because of the way you sew the sleeve together. Sometimes you have to “ease” one side of the sleeve to have it come out even. (I’m assuming the sides of the sleeve were even before you started to sew it together.)


That is what is so weird about the sleeves. They were not the same length when I put the seams together BEFORE I even started to sew them. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. :teehee: I mean each sleeve had one edge that was longer than the other and I can’t figure out how that could possibly be. I just wanted to know so I don’t do it again.

One possibility is that you stopped before finishing a row and when you picked it up again you worked in the wrong direction, i.e., instead of finishing a knit row you purled the partial row. You would’ve had to have done this on both sleeves… :?? Can you spot a partial row somewhere in the sleeves?


I absolutely did not pick up the needle and purl back instead of finishing a row. I wish I could send it to you to see. The good thing is now it is finished and blocked and you can not see where I had the problem. Even the shoulder seams are flat now. Blocking really made a difference. Soon a Christmas is over I am on to the next project. :happydance: