Not really a how to question but.... (yarn bobbin)


What the heck is a yarn bobbin? I don’t know but would like to know… there’s this pattern i would like to try out and it talks about a yarn bobbin?

Pattern url:


A yarn bobbin is a plastic thingy that holds a contrasing color of yarn for intarsia work.

Here’s a picture of one:


how would you use it?


First of all, there’s typo in the pattern that may be adding to your confuson-- it should read paper clips OR yarn bobbins, and yarn bobbins are much, much easier to work with than paper clips. They are flat, usually plastic, maybe about 3 inches long, oddly shaped and with a slit in one end. They are for winding small amounts of yarn onto, when you are using a bit of a 2nd (or more) colors. You don’t have to use them, but when using more than one color, the yarns can twist round each other and it’s much easier to control and untangle those small amounts you’ve put onto a yarn bobbin. If you go onto a site such as or and do a search for yarn bobbins or knitting accessories, you should be able to see some.


This is true, Hufflepuffrose, Ingrid is right and you should get it if you dont have it, Its really good


again i ask how do you use it? would i use it like any other skein of yarn and just add it in as needed


Yes-- exactly! Just use it like it’s a tiny ball of yarn.


I like using Bryson E-Z Bobs like the ones shown at this website (I got mine at a local store):
A less expensive thing to do would be to make your own with straws (haven’t tried this method myself yet, but it sounds good):


If it’s just a small amount of yarn, I sometimes use those bread closer upper things - they must have a real name - they are about 1 inch square plastic with a hole and slit near the top that you put around the top of the bread wrapper. I use them to wrap my tail yarn, too, so it’s not in my way and stays clean til project is over.

You can also do yarn butterflies, not as heavy as bobbins.


Is there a reason that you can’t just use a center pull ball, just a small one, like in Annie’s video for intarsia?


If you are working with only 2 colors, you’d probably be OK to use 2 balls of yarn.

If you have lots of colors, and need to change colors every few stitches, if you used whole balls for each, you would soon have a tangled up mess of yarn and be spending more time untangling then knitting! :hair: The lilttle bobbins of yarn are easier to manage. :knitting:


I prefer not to use anything anymore. I leave long strands and pull them out to untangle them. Sometimes the bobbins catch on each other.