Not Knitting, but related

So, this isn’t about knitting but about embellishment. I can’t tie a nice bow for my life. I tie bows like I ties shoelaces, which means the the bow kind of goes sideways; it doen’t have the nice flat knot in the middle. Does anyone have any links to bow-tying instructions with pictures? I feel dopey, but I’m just no good at it…

P.S. Yes, this was motivated by my “Tempting” sweater :roll:

Try this site, or this one or the michael’s site or this one . These are mostly floral type bows… not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. You might be able to take one piece of ribbon/fabric to make the loops and “hangy parts” and then glue another around the middle/criss-cross section to make it look neater (i really tried to find a picture of this b/c my written description sucks). OR just find some kid’s hair clips with bows on them and rip the bow off the clip… ? HTH

Mascara, you’ll be happy to know that the trick to making a shoelace-type bow hang straight is simple!

Start your bow exactly as you would tie a shoelace: single square knot, then make a single loop with one of the laces. Now, you’re about to wrap the second lace over the other to make the second loop and finish the bow – STOP – wrap it UNDER instead of over, then push your loop through and tighten the bow, just as you would normally do.

That’s the only difference – wrapping under instead of over. It takes the twist out of the second bow loop where it goes through the main clumpy part of the knot.

This shoelace-related bow is the easiest one I know for use on clothing with I-cord or string ties. It would be fun to take some beautiful decorative ribbon and try some of those fancy floral ones posted by Hildegard, though.

yes! that’s exactly how to do it! you genious! thank you!