Not getting the right st count

Can anyone take a look at this and tell me what Im doing wrong? I start with 103 sts. As I count, (given my POOR math skills) Row one leaves me with 142. Row 2 only needs 135. Im ALL confusled!

(A “NUPP” creates 5 sts in 1…kinda like a bobble)

This is what I get:

Each number represents what you end up with after you do the called-for stitch–

3/1/7/1/5/1/1/1/1/1/5/1/7 = 35
1/7/1/5/1/1/1/1/1/5/1/7 = 32
1/3 = 4

Plus one pattern repeat 32 = 103

Another pattern repeat 32 = 135

For Row 2 I find that you need:

3/9/5/5/5 = 27
12 =12

Plus one pattern repeat of 32 = 103

Another pattern repeat of 32 = 135

This probably looks confusing, but this is how I figure patterns out.

First row- 35 before the *, 96 between the *, 4 after the *= 135

Second row- 27 before the *, 96 between the *, 12 after the * = 135

Even if you’re still confused, just try it. I am sure it will work out. You’re going to have to trust me here. :wink:

I’ve done it TWICE already…I keep ending up with more sts than I need for row 2. :wall:

How many more?

Well, I havent actually knit all the way to the end of row 2…I keep ending up with a YO sitting in front of the second P5tog. That shouldnt be…all the P5togs should be the NUPP sts. Its driving me nuts, because if I had made a mistake on row 1, you would think that it wouldnt come out even at the end…

I’m going to try a little bit and see what I come up with.

MUAH! :heart:

I did it and it worked out. On the second row, you do purl into the previous row’s yo before you p the nupp stitches together, and purl into a yo after the nupp.

So I K the first 3, p the next 9, the last of which was the yo.

Then the nupp

Then the next five, the first and last of which were the yo’s.

Then the nupp

The 17, first and last were yo’s.


p 5, again first and last were yo’s etc.



What are the directions for the nupp? Could it be that in doing it, you’re somehow making another yo? I just did the yo, k fbf (didn’t want to bother with a five stitch nupp), yo, etc.

No, because on the second row, no mattern how many times I K+YOd into that st, I am treating it as one st.

I was thinking that if you were getting an extra stitch between the nupps, that maybe somehow you were getting an extra yo before you did it.

I don’t know what it could be because it worked out correctly right away when I did it.

Looking at the directions again, I just realized that I didn a sl one k1 psso where it said sl one k2 psso. I think that could be it because on row one, if you do a yo, k1, sk2p, k1, yo, you’re going to have 6 stitches between the nupps.

If you do it yo, k1, skp, k1, yo, you’re going to have 5 stitches between the nupps and that’s what you need on the next row!

What do you think?

At least that solution makes me feel like I might not be a total DOPE! Will it still take up the 103 row 1 sts then? :??

I did two pattern repeats because I grabbed a short needle. So I did the part before the *, two between the *, and the stitches at the end. Both rows worked out exactly. You would just do one more repeat between the *.

Ya wanna hear what an idiot I am? I was SKKPing instead of SK2Ping on row 1. :shifty:

:thinking: :??

A Sk2P is a double decrease…SKKP is a single DC.

Duh for me this time, I reading them wrong. :doh:

You must’ve done SOMETHING right…you came out with the right st count! :lol:

Now that I’ve figured out how I was stupid, Im zippin right through this part of the pattern! I finished a whole 14-row repeat today! :happydance:

I have to say though, these “nupps” are awkward. I am SO grateful for Sil’s tip about the smaller DPNs.