Not getting on sight

Is anyone else on here having problems accessing the site. If I search the site and try to log on from google/ safari I just get a message saying their license has run out??? I am having to wait for emails from you to be able to log on :sob:

Sometimes there are problems because the site is down, most recently about a week ago. I believe it’s a general problem, not specific to users.

It was about a week or more ago that I started having problems, haven’t tried since until I had an email tonight.

I’ve been getting messages saying the site may be impersonating Knitting Help to get your personal info. Go back? Not sure if it is an iPhone thing? If you type in, you should have no problem getting in.

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I’ll bet that you’re using Chrome. I have the same problem for quite awhile. I can’t even get in to wikipedia, which I often used daily. Good luck with this. I did quite a bit of research, but haven’t found a definitive solution.